His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1217 - : You Are My One And Only (27)

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Chapter 1217: You Are My One And Only (27)

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Annie Zhao’s eyes were red, filled with indignation.

She could not hold back her tears and wailed out. “Wah!” She cried out in pity, “Why do you have to treat me like this? I…”

“Shut up!” Shang Mo cut off her words, annoyed. His deep eyes had some sense of coldness from within, and it did not have a hint of pity.

Annie Zhao shut her mouth. Her small face white as a sheet and her eyes were filled with helplessness and anxiousness.

Her lips fluttered and she did not dare to make a noise. Pitiful tears continuously rolled down her cheeks and her sharp nails dug into her palm.

“Don’t force me to throw you out now!”

Annie Zhao’s tears fell even more fervently, still, she tried to hold back her cries. She turned around and ran out. The moment she entered her guest room on level one, she cried out loudly.

Her jealousy felt so terrible as though it tore her heart open. She swept the cup on the nightstand to the floor with her hand.

Her eyes were filled with tears of bloody-red anger and resentment.

She was not willing to take it down!

Shang Mo clearly loved her sister. All these years, his heart never changed. For her, he had not even dated a girl once. Yet, how did he fall in love with Mo Feifei all of a sudden? This can’t be it! This absolutely can’t be it!

If he wanted to love… he should have loved her who was similar to her sister!

Annie Zhao’s face was veiled with a layer of malice and called her sister—Heartlove Zhao.

Heartlove Zhao seemed to be sleeping as her voice sounded dreamy. “Annie, why did you call me at such a late time?”

Annie Zhao said with a quivering voice, “Big sister, Shang Mo had fallen in love. Do you know who the girl is?”

Heartlove Zhao momentarily remained silent before softly asking, “Who? Was it Rong Mo? The one who looked intimate with Shang Mo? They can’t really be together, right?”

Initially, she was just joking. She would definitely not believe that Shang Mo would like a man.

But who knew Annie Zhao would reply, “Yes, Rong Mo and he are together.”

Heartlove Zhao widened her eyes in shock. She was so shocked that she almost dropped her phone.

Was it because of her that Shang Mo ended up falling in love with the same gender? Thus, Shang Mo would never like another woman ever again? Heartlove Zhao felt her heart quench in nervousness. It felt especially terrible.

She bit down her lip and furrowed her brows. She said with a bitter voice, “How did things turn out like this? Why would he be together with a man? How sad would Granny Shang be…”

Annie Zhao cut her words off. “Big sister, we have all been duped. That Rong Mo was a girl all along. Her real name is Mo Feifei.”

Heartlove Zhao was even more stunned and did not know what to say. “…”

“It’s so infuriating! I was so good to him yet for that girl, he actually became angry with me. Both of our families are in close contact and both of us have grown up together. When you and Shang Mo dated in the past, he treated me so well as though I was his real sister. Just now, after he had heard me scolding Mo Feifei, he actually said that he wanted to throw me out!” After Annie Zhao was done talking, she cried out again.

“Don’t be like this. Hearing you like this, my heart feels terrible too,” Heartlove Zhao said in a tender voice. She looked as though she felt more terrible than Annie Zhao.

“What should I do now? Big sister, didn’t you say all humans were born with emotions? As long as I treated him well, I would be able to melt his heart of ice?”

“Take it slow. One day, he will realize that the person he loved most in the world is you,” Heartlove Zhao comforted her.

“It’s not as easy as you think. That Mo Feifei had already spoken a lot of bad things about me to Shang Mo. Now, Shang Mo’s impression of me is terrible to the core…”