His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1216 - You Are My One And Only (26)

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Chapter 1216: You Are My One And Only (26)

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Shang Mo cut her words off by raising his tone of voice. “Who do you think you are?”

His glare was like a knife stabbing into Annie Zhao and every syllable that he spoke was filled with danger. “Remember it clearly. She is the future female owner of the Shang Family.”

Shang Family’s future owner! This sentence had Annie Zhao’s face turned pale. She took a few steps back in despair, and in every step it was as if she would collapse.

Future female owner? Shang Mo had actually given Mo Feifei the title of the Shang Family’s future female owner.

Who exactly was Mo Feifei? She was a scheming woman who had an ominous identity. She thought that solely judging from Mo Feifei’s status, even if Shang Mo liked her, he would have to consider her or perhaps hide her otherwise it would be hard to explain to Granny.

However, he did not even hesitate to expose their relationship even to the point that he already claimed she was the future female owner of the Shang Family.

It was clear that Shang Mo only had Mo Feifei in his heart. Annie Zhao’s eyes were puffed red as her body tremble uncontrollably. The veins on her neck popped out due to anger and it looked really horrific.

She said in despair, “How can this be! How can this be! She is just an orphan! Shang Mo, who does she think she is? On what grounds is she fitting to be your wife?”

“On what grounds? I like her and I oblige her to do so!” Shang Mo’s face was like a frozen block of ice and his eyes had darkened.

Annie Zhao clenched her teeth as she couldn’t wait to tear Mo Feifei apart. “We have known each other for so long. What did I do wrong? In what ways am I not comparable to Mo Feifei for you to choose her over me? Is it because of my elder sister? Heartlove Zhao wanted to cheat on you and leave you, but this doesn’t mean that I would do the same. Why can’t you give me a chance? I liked you so much for so many years and now you are telling me that this thing over here, who is neither male nor female, is going to be the future owner of the Shang Family?”

Nonono, no way, impossible. She will definitely not allow that to happen!

“I have no feelings for you. Since I was young, I’ve never had any feelings for you. Even if I ended up liking a man, I would still not like you!”

Although his words mean nothing much on the surface, it was very hurting. Annie Zhao widened her eyes. ‘In his eyes, I am not even comparable to a man?’

‘In the past when Mo Feifei wasn’t in the picture, you would never be so heartless to me.’

‘It’s Mo Feifei’s fault, this is all Mo Feifei’s fault. You slut!’ Annie Zhao lost her mind due to anger as she turned into a lunatic. “It must be because of this slut! She seduced you, it must be because she seduced you!”

When he heard the word “slut” spat out of Annie Zhao’s mouth, Shang Mo’s eyes burned in fury. “If you let me hear you insult her once more, I will make you pay the price!”

His voice was cold and emotionless as well as the glare he gave Annie Zhao, it was as if he was looking at a lifeless dead body. It was full of coldness and murderous intent.

Annie Zhao was so scared that she shivered in fear.

She knew that the words spoken from Shang Mo’s words weren’t just words of threatening. Shang Mo belonged to the type of person who would mark his words.

Shang Mo wasn’t just anyone and he never had good rumors spreading around him. The adjectives used on him were all negative. For example, heartless, pervert, cold-blooded, bisexual…

Although Annie Zhao had not witnessed it personally, she believed that the rumors were true.

Although she liked Shang Mo, she was still very afraid of him.

“Be it Mo Feifei or Rong Mo, they are both mine! Whoever thinks of doing anything to them, please see if you are worthy of doing so. If anyone is tired of living, you can very well go ahead and try!”