His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1214 - You Are My One And Only (24)

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Chapter 1214: You Are My One And Only (24)

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Mo Feifei was speechless. “…”

She really felt that Shang Mo was a demon that had evil spirits surrounding him. His words were filled with filth, and she almost wanted to bite him to death on the spot.

However, Shang Mo couldn’t stop laughing.

He didn’t usually like to laugh and even if he did laugh, it was usually a faint smile or a smile that didn’t even look like a smile. It was totally unlike his current self where he showed off his pearly whites. It gave off a beauty that was similar to breaking ice in the cold winter as if the season had changed into a warm spring.

The corners of his lips curved upwards as he bent down to her ear. He flirtily said, “Remember to open your mouth when we kiss the next time.”

A gush of heat suddenly shot up from her toes to her brain as fast as lightning. Mo Feifei almost wanted to spit blood out of her mouth.

Her face was as red as blood, even her neck and ears were red! She backed away into the house before closing the door with a ‘peng!’

Mo Feifei was angry and embarrassed at the same time. She almost went so crazy that she wanted to bite Shang Mo.

However, it felt really funny too!

No one probably had seen this type of Shang Mo, no? If somebody told her that Shang Mo had such a side, she wouldn’t dare believe even if she was beaten to death.

A knock on the door could be heard once more and Mo Feifei thought that Shang Mo hadn’t left yet. She initially didn’t want to open the door, however, the knocking on her door became more urgent.

Mo Feifei furrowed her eyebrows.

She knew it was not Shang Mo for he wouldn’t knock on her door so impatiently.

She got up to open the door again, but the moment she saw who the person at the door was, her heart eased. “Miss Zhao?”

Annie Zhao had her fists clenched and her body slightly trembled.

She was angry!

The glare she gave Mo Feifei was like that of a venomous snake quietly observing her prey. It was as if she would pounce onto Mo Feifei and bite her in the next second.

The interaction Shang Mo and Mo Feifei had filled her heart with jealousy and resentment. It made her so mad that she almost went berserk.

She was thinking why Shang Mo had acted so cold towards her, but then she came to a realization that it was indeed because of that woman, who was neither female or male, Mo Feifei.

‘Would she take a look at herself in the mirror? How dare she dream about marrying into the Shang Family?’

Annie Zhao couldn’t hide the enmity in her voice as she snarled, “I couldn’t tell that Miss Mo has such a trick up your sleeve!”

She didn’t want to beat around the bush and directly gave her a piece of her mind. “Stop acting. How dare you dream about getting together with Shang Mo with your status?”

Mo Feifei laughed. “…Is being together with Shang Mo a very difficult thing to do?”

Her words agitated Annie Zhao and she growled, “Don’t be so cocky and show off in front of me.”

Mo Feifei was speechless. “You seem to have misunderstood me. I didn’t mean to show off when I said that just now.”

Annie Zhao chuckled and cut her words off. “Won’t you take a look at your status? A helpless little orphan. Don’t think just because Granny Shang likes you, you can marry into the Shang Family. The Shang family isn’t a place somebody like you could just enter so don’t shoot yourself in the foot. Be careful because you could end up with nothing in your hands.”

Mo Feifei remained calm and said indifferently, “Who am I? I believe you have seen it just now. How about you, Miss Zhao? Who are you to Shang Mo? In what position are you to say that to me?”

‘Is Mo Feifei ridiculing me? Laughing at me?’ Annie Zhao’s facial expression turned ugly and her body couldn’t help but tremble. She was so angry that the veins on her forehead could be seen, she looked really scary.

“Don’t be so cocky!” She clenched her teeth and hated her so much that she almost wanted to tear Mo Feifei apart!