His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1212 - You Are My One And Only (22)

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Chapter 1212: You Are My One And Only (22)

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This seemed to be a very normal speech. It even seemed to be said on behalf of Mo Feifei, making it look as though she had said it after much consideration for Mo Feifei.

However, she was actually ridiculing Mo Feifei for being a scheming and evil woman and that she had other motives for coming to the Shang Family.

In response to Annie Zhao’s gaze that made her look as if she was lost in her thoughts, Mo Feifei furrowed her eyebrows slightly and her faint eyes darkened.

It seemed that Annie Zhao would see her as her love rival regardless of whether she was really together with Shang Mo or whether she had exposed her love relationship.

Granny Shang’s face darkened as she looked towards Annie Zhao. She replied, “Feifei was invited into the house and it was me who wanted her to dress up as a male. No one in the house knew that she was a female other than me and that included Ah Mo.”

Annie Zhao wanted to hint that Mo Feifei was in a conspiracy, however, her words were shut down by Granny Shang’s words. This caused Annie Zhao to be so angry that she clenched her teeth. Her diss towards Mo Feifei not only did not make the people of the Shang Family suspicious of Mo Feifei, but it also landed herself in a bad shape, making her seem as if she was trying to foment disunity.

How did this happen?!

This Rong Mo was like a witch who had cast a bewitching spell onto the people of the Shang Family. She made everyone like and trust her so much.

She wanted to continue on but she felt Shang Mo’s cold gaze fixed on her. His dangerously cold and squinted eyes seemed to have a hint of cold murderous intent.

Annie Zhao shivered in fear and unconsciously lowered her eyes.

Shang Mo moved his gaze before landing it on Mo Feifei. By then, his gaze softened.

At the same time, Mo Feifei looked in his direction and both of their eyes met each other. Shang Mo’s gaze was very direct as it landed on her brazenly. It was as if he was announcing to the world that this woman had caught his eyes.

Cough. Mo Feifei gave out a soft cough that only Shang Mo was able to notice. He then flashed her a heartwarming and sweet smile.

Mo Feifei quickly looked away and secretly gave Shang Mo a harsh glare. She silently warned him to not mess around, otherwise, she would take away his boyfriend’s privilege.

Annie Zhao saw his series of small actions and her heart suffered from a fit of suffocating jealousy that was building from within. It made her so angry that she wanted to give Mo Feifei a slap.

After Shang Mo rejected her confession at the Shang residences the other day, Shang Mo had been avoiding her. Even if they had met by accident, he wouldn’t spare her a glance.

However, it wasn’t her first time confessing to Shang Mo. But in the past, his attitude towards her wasn’t so poor. Hence, if someone told her that Shang Mo’s change in attitude wasn’t because of Mo Feifei, she wouldn’t believe it even if she was beaten to death.

She used to think that as long as she had enough time and she was passionate enough, she would be able to melt his icy heart. However, her plans were ruined by a woman who had actually dressed up as a male before.

Just now, Shang Mo had actually looked at Mo Feifei, that scheming woman.

Although she wasn’t even sure if both of them were really together, she would never allow them to get together as Shang Mo was hers!

She suppressed her anger and sat down nonchalantly as she didn’t want to ruin her image in Shang Mo and Granny Shang’s heart further.

In Zhu Yuyu’s room, Annie Zhao even said to Zhu Yuyu, “Stop crying, your eyes are all puffy now. Must you be like this because of a woman? Don’t you think she’s a little weird? Why should she pretend to be a man? I think she had other schemes and yet you still pity her, you should feel angry!”

Zhu Yuyu remained silent momentarily before crying out, “Brother Rong Mo isn’t such a person.”