His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1211 - You Are My One And Only (21)

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Chapter 1211: You Are My One And Only (21)

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Zhu Yuyu sobbed and was in despair. “How did you become a woman? How did my favorite brother Rong Mo become a woman?”

She could not accept it. Her predestined boyfriend became a woman.

Zhu Yuyu wailed loudly. She was in despair and made a ruckus. She hugged Mo Feifei tightly. “Brother Rong Mo, were you forced to change your gender by my cousin? If not, how did you become a woman? You were clearly a man before.”

Granny Shang was so furious. “Little brat, do you know what you are saying? Transgender? Rong Mo was a woman all along.”

Zhu Yuyu froze momentarily and then bawled out loudly. “Brother Rong Mo, then how about changing your gender? I will not look down on you and marry you as planned.”

Mo Feifei had a helpless expression as she looked at Granny Shang for help. “…”

Granny Shang’s compassionate face was filled with helplessness as well. “…”

If she couldn’t take the blow, then let her cry.

Today, Zhu Yuyu did not come to the Shang residences alone. Along with her was Annie Zhao.

Now, Annie Zhao’s heart was filled with an inexplicable uneasiness and weirdness. She never thought that Rong Mo would be a woman.

Before, she and Shang Mo unknowingly lived as a man and a woman together every day.

Did Shang Mo know that Rong Mo was a woman from the start? Then, did anything happen between them?

Annie Zhao’s heart developed a strong sense of wariness. Despite feeling that Mo Feifei was not better than her in any way, still, Mo Feifei had a beautiful and gentle look. This asset of hers was one of the biggest tools against men. It made men unconsciously feel the need to protect her.

At that moment, a robust silhouette wearing a black suit slowly walked in with elegant footsteps.

Annie Zhao’s eyes lit up. “Brother Shang, you came back.”

She immediately stood up before happily welcoming him. She had hoped for a warm hug from him.

Shang Mo took a slight glance at her to acknowledge her greeting. He then darted his cold eyes away before he proceeded to sit opposite Granny Shang to converse with her.

It just happened that he sat beside Mo Feifei.

Granny Shang’s gaze alternated between both of them.

Although Feifei wore a simple dress, she still looked very pretty in it. She had a couple-look with Shang Mo’s suit.

Both of them, one strict and the other graceful. In addition to their stunning looks, they looked like a perfect match for each other despite just silently sitting next to each other. They were very attractive to other’s eyes.

If both of them were not together, that would be unforgivable!

Zhu Yuyu wiped away her tears and looked pitifully at Shang Mo. “Cousin, did you know that brother Rong Mo was a woman from the start?”

The moment Shang Mo entered the house, Annie Zhao kept her stare at him. Naturally, she would not forget the deep gaze Shang Mo had on Rong Mo. At that moment, she saw how his eyes had softened.

From the start, she was not comfortable with the fact that Rong Mo, a fake man, had lived with Shang Mo for so long. But when she saw that scene, her heart immediately tightened. It couldn’t be that this vixen had already seduced Shang Mo?

Annie Zhao scolded Mo Feifei in her heart yet on the surface, she laughed. “How could your cousin know? One look at Miss Mo and one would know that she was the type that could hide things really well. She must have had a reason for pretending to be a man. If she did have a reason, naturally, she would not be willing to tell anyone.”