His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1210 - You Are My One And Only (20)

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Chapter 1210: You Are My One And Only (20)

She looked like a cutie who had a serious look on her face… Shang Mo couldn’t help but curl his lips slightly and unconsciously held Mo Feifei’s small and gentle hands tighter.

Even until they had reached the Shang residences, he still didn’t want to let go of her hand.

However, if he didn’t let go, they wouldn’t be able to get out of the car. Hence, the moment they got out of the car, Shang Mo immediately went forward and held Mo Feifei’s hand again.

Since it was their first time holding hands, Mo Feifei felt a little uncomfortable. However, after holding hands for so long, she had already grown used to it.

She looked at the tightly closed door of the Shang residences. She then looked at Shang Mo before saying, “Stop holding, we have already reached home. Granny will see us.”

“Look, we haven’t even reached home yet.”

“Aren’t you tired of holding my hand?”

“I am getting pretty tired. Do you want to give me a compliment?” Shang Mo stopped in his tracks and stepped in front of her.

The face in front of her was filled with charm and even his whole body emitted an alluring scent. His eyes were filled with the sweetness of a sweet as if they were in the process of a long kiss. Mo Feifei felt uncomfortable again and reached out her hand to push Shang Mo away in distress. “What are you doing? We are already at the doorstep. Granny could come out at any moment now.”

She really couldn’t get used to it.

Shang Mo curled his lips upwards. His smile was as gentle as the spring breeze. “She hasn’t come out yet, quickly!”

He then bent down and gave her a peck.

Mo Feifei’s face heated up again as she purposely glared at him. “Shang Mo, how old are you?”

Her words were very soft and didn’t mean a single harm.

“I am older than you by four to five years.”

‘Phew!’ He really thought she was eighteen and he was older than her by eleven years. It felt as if he was robbing the cradle.

“Then, can you not act like a kid?”

“Only you would dare say such a thing!” Shang Mo really disliked that adjective and pulled her into a hug.

Mo Feifei looked up and saw somebody coming out of the Shang residences.

She was scared out of her wits since she didn’t know who had come out… She had almost instinctively reached out and gave Shang Mo a harsh push.

Shang Mo was caught off guard when he was pushed away. He took a few steps back until his back touched the tall and big shrub.

Mo Feifei was shocked and was just about to apologize as she didn’t do it on purpose when she heard a surprised scream.

“Brother Rong Mo!”

She subconsciously turned to the source of the voice, only to see Zhu Yuyu running out of the house to her side. Zhu Yuyu then hugged her tightly. It was as if Zhu Yuyu saw her long-lost lover as she wailed out miserably.

Mo Feifei helplessly chuckled and hugged her out of pity. “Stop crying alright? Aren’t I fine now?”

She turned her head slightly to glance at Shang Mo who was beside her, only to see his stone-cold face while his deep and dark eyes were filled with anger and dark murderous intent.

Mo Feifei awkwardly consoled and chuckled to cool him down before patting Zhu Yuyu’s back. “Alright, Yuyu. I am fine now, let’s go home.”

Shang Mo looked at their leaving figure in anger.

However, what can he do?

This was how it was to date in secret, however, why did he feel like he was a third party who couldn’t be shown to the world?

Mo Feifei. This woman really let him experience a different type of life. He had never thought that the cold and distant version of him would give so much way because of a woman.

However, although he seemed like an unseeable third wheel, for now, he had endless expectations for their future as well as an unknown excitement and joy.