His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1209 - You Are My One And Only (19)

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Chapter 1209: You Are My One And Only (19)

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Shang Mo felt the lust within his body had awakened. He could not wait to taste those beautiful lips.

He hugged Mo Feifei tightly as his nose intimately touched hers.

On her lips, a warm breath filled it. It was as though it was pulling into her heartstrings. After Mo Feifei froze momentarily, and just as he was about to kiss her, she raised her hand and put it at his lips. “Wait…”

Shang Mo looked at her deeply. “…What’s wrong”

‘At the most important part, why did he have to wait? Can’t you speak after we’ve kissed?’

Mo Feifei lightly blinked her thick and long eyelashes. She pulled a serious look before she said, “I should be the one asking that question. What are you trying to do?”

‘What did I want to do? Of course, I want to kiss you!’ Shang Mo raised his brows. “Are you not my girlfriend?”

“Wrong. It’s you who is my boyfriend.” Mo Feifei corrected his words and took away the finger that she used to push against his lips. She gently pushed him away. “I’ve decided to give it a try, but I do not want anyone to know.”

“Don’t want anyone to know?” Shang Mo slightly squinted his eyes.

“Now, you are the President of the Shang Corporation. Even if you are my boyfriend when it’s just us two, once people will see us they’d automatically see me as just your girlfriend. It’s as though without your name, I don’t have any worth being brought up. I don’t like that.”

Mo Feifei looked at him and pursed her lips. Although she looked strict, she was still shy as she had just agreed to be someone’s girlfriend. Her face was tinted red.

“So you mean to say that you want us to date in secret?” Wasn’t this only done by celebrities? She was not even acting anymore. Why did they have to date in secret!?

“Yes, dating in secret is exactly what I meant to say. After all, we are just trying it out for now. Before I would level you up from the probation stage, I don’t want anyone to know of our relationship, including granny.”

If granny knew, with her heart fixed on getting her grandson to marry and bear her a grand-grandson, granny may push them to get married on the third day. Then, she would try to make them bear a child within the shortest time possible.

“Okay. I will follow whatever you say.” Shang Mo nodded his head in all seriousness. His reply was clear-cut.

He figured that since they were together, it would only be a matter of time until others found out.

It was most probably because she was shy that she did not want others to know. She had always been reserved and also a little slow-witted in dating matters.

A fool.

Shang Mo thought happily. However, when he returned to the Shang Residence, he began to reflect and even felt a little regretful that he agreed so fast.

All this while, Shang Mo held her hand, not even caring if Mo Feifei gave him no consent. He tugged on Mo Feifei’s hand and drove the car with his other hand. He was not willing to let go.

Mo Feifei could not take her hand away. She wanted to keep a calm demeanor yet she was embarrassed. Her heart beattically. The blood in her body was as though it was water being slowly cooked and that it made her face red as a tomato.

The hand that Shang Mo held felt as though it was inside a small stove. The slightly scalding hot temperature warmed her heart and made her feel especially warm during the winter.

Shang Mo also felt the warmth coming from her small and soft hand. His heart felt a flurry of gentleness.

He twisted his head and took a glance at her. She looked forced and shy like a trapped animal, yet she pretended to be calm as though a cutie pretending to hold a serious expression.