His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1207 - You Are My One And Only (17)

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Chapter 1207: You Are My One And Only (17)

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“Today, at the office, you were present when Mr. Shang asked her a question. Do you think they know each other?”

“He looked pretty cold. I don’t think they know each other. I can only say that her words at the end were very well said. This woman is very smart. I think not for long, even Director Jin would even be replaced.”

The people outside talked and chatted among themselves.

In the cubicle, Mo Feifei heaved a silent sigh of relief. It looked like she had to visit the Shang residences tonight and make things clear with Shang Mo.

If not, she would not be able to experience a peaceful and normal work life.

When Mo Feifei returned to the office, her colleagues wanted to invite her for a meal. “Feifei, to celebrate your arrival at the company, we wanted to treat you to a meal on Friday night as your welcome party. What do you think about it?”

She was a newcomer and definitely needed to build good relations with her colleagues. Her colleagues spoke first and invited her for a meal. Moreover, it was a welcome party. No matter what, she had to participate. She also had to pay for the meal instead of them.

She hoped this meal could shut the rumors down.

She figured that Shang Mo’s sudden appearance in the design department that day was definitely a coincidence.

If she did not want to hear any further spread of rumors, it would be best for her to not meet Shang Mo for the month ahead.

If not, people would definitely relate them together.

Yet, God did not hear her prayers. The next morning, she met Shang Mo at the lift entrance while on her way to work.

Mo Feifei wanted to pretend that she had not seen him but she felt that it was not appropriate. Since everyone else greeted him, she decided to follow a group of people and respectfully greeted him. “Mr. Shang, good morning.”

From the start to the end, Mr. Shang did not give her a glance and coldly walked into the lift. He was extremely arrogant yet exuded an aura of elegance.

Mo Feifei’s tender and white fingers were clamped tightly together and her nose weirdly had a hint of sourness.

However, she had long forgotten that incident as she was busy that day. After Mo Feifei filed the records, she had to blend the colors on a piece of art design. Even at midnight, she was still at the office working overtime.

She kept staring at the computer until her eyes turned dry. She closed her eyes and leaned back on the chair. Her calm face showed a hint of exhaustion. She raised her hands to rub her eyes and gently moved her head to loosen the stiffness on her neck.

Suddenly, she felt that there was a black shadow on her side that had blocked the light in front of her.

Mo Feifei instinctively opened her eyes and saw Shang Mo, who had appeared out of nowhere, at her side.

She instinctively looked at her surroundings hoping no one would see her having a conversation with Shang Mo. It was then she realized that everyone in the office had already left and that it was only her that remained in the office to work overtime.

“It’s so late already. Why have you not gone home?” Shang Mo asked with his brows slightly furrowed. “Granny said that you are not allowed to work overtime. If you can’t finish it then don’t finish it.”

“I’m not done blending the colors. Just a little while and I can go off work.”

“Oh,” Shang Mo replied in a soft tone. He then switched to a deep voice which had a high degree of assertiveness and said, “You will get off work now. You can continue the rest tomorrow.”

“I’m just left with a little bit more.”

As he heard that she wanted to continue her work, Shang Mo’s eyes darkened. He was obviously unhappy. “Listen to me,” he coaxed.

His voice was gentle, fluttery, and intoxicating, and yet it held dominance and oppressiveness.

With that, he did not care if she was willing or not. He pulled her waist with a strong grip and brought her into his embrace…