His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1205 - You Are My One And Only (15)

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Chapter 1205: You Are My One And Only (15)

Mo Feifei did not want to receive any special treatment in the company and hence, she followed through with the normal procedures.

Other than the human resource manager, nobody knew she had entered the company through the back door.

The human resource manager was clueless about her actual identity and only knew that she had relations with the Shang family. As for what kind of relationship she had with the Shang family or Shang Mo, the human resource manager did not know.

On the first day of work, Mo Feifei woke up very early. After she ate her breakfast, she proceeded straight to the company as she had already done the paperwork the day before.

Her working place was situated at level 17 where the design department had the whole level for itself. The head of the design department was Da Wei, a handsome, charismatic, talented, humorous, and pretty uncle.

He was a designer who had his own representative work.

He was a talented man but a weirdo as well for he had some quirks of his own.

He did not know Mo Feifei’s identity but the human resource department had given him a heads-up which was to take better care of her.

Hearing those words, the design department head, also known as Pretty Uncle, was not happy. He thought she was a top executive who forcefully entered the company to gain some life experience.

Not only did he not think about taking good care of Mo Feifei, but he also made things difficult for Mo Feifei on her first day of work. He had ordered her to settle old file records.

The old file records, which were stacked high on the table, would require her to work overtime if she wanted to finish them within three days.

The female co-workers in the design department all had an unbothered look and were arrogant. There was even a hint of gloat.

On the other hand, the male co-workers in the design department seemed to want to help her. They had the will but lacked strength as they were too afraid of Pretty Uncle.

On her first day of work, Mo Feifei threw herself into the hectic work ahead. When she was about to go disoriented, her colleague’s voice sounded in her ear. “Mr. Shang is here.”

Mr. Shang? Shang Mo? Mo Feifei froze momentarily and raised her head to look at the entrance. A tall man, wearing a black suit, surrounded by a few executives and his assistants, walked into the design department meeting room with elegant footsteps.

That tall man was Shang Mo.

Why did he come down?

On her first day of work, she could already see Shang Mo. His company was so big and the chances of meeting him were slim, yet he appeared at the department she was in. Was this a good idea?

The two female colleagues at her side showed a love-smitten expression.

“So handsome! Our big boss is so handsome!”

“Oh, my god. Why did Mr. Shang come here?”

“It seems like they are going to decide on the design of a project today. The board of directors will send someone here to participate. But nobody would have thought that it was Mr. Shang.”

Mo Feifei smiled and continued to do her work.

At that moment, a person walked out of the meeting room and shouted at all the designers, including Mo Feifei. He had said for all to gather at the conference room since the small meeting room in the design department could not hold so many people inside.

Shang Mo sat at the head seat. His handsome face was sharp enough to cut through like a knife. Even his gaze was cold and razor-sharp. But his actions still had a hint of elegance and class.

They seemed to be picking one piece from two pieces of art designs. One piece belonged to the department head and the other belonged to the vice-department head. But they did not tell anyone which piece of art design was whose?

Fearing that they might offend anyone, nobody dared to make a noise.

After all, both of them were their superiors.

The voting results showed that it was a draw. The meeting room was especially quiet. Shang Mo’s gaze scanned one round before falling onto Mo Feifei.

As she met his gaze, Mo Feifei’s heart skipped.