His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1204 - You Are My One And Only (14)

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Chapter 1204: You Are My One And Only (14)

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Su Qianxun had a mercurial turn of the conversation. “She crossed the line. If I don’t give her a piece of my mind, this will make me seem useless!”

At this moment, the salesperson brought the outfit over.

It was the same dress that Yunmeng wore a moment ago. Su Qianxun took the dress and gave it to Mo Feifei. “Give it a try.”

Mo Feifei did not say anything and changed into the dress. She had a petite figure and wearing it, it highlighted all of her good points. Since she had fair skin, the dress not only made her look pretty, it also showed off her classy look.

When the salesperson came in and saw Mo Feifei, her eyes widened and immediately smiled. She said, “This lady looks very beautiful in this dress. This dress is not a limited edition one so there are people who have purchased it before, but nobody wore it better than this lady.”

The salesperson undoubtedly meant that Mo Feifei looked prettier in the dress than Yunmeng.

Su Qianxun took a glance at the salesperson. ‘Not bad. She’s good with her words. She will have a bright future ahead of her.’ Su Qianxun then looked towards Mo Feifei and smiled. “Feifei, you should be a model,” said Su Qianxun.

She was a natural. It was a pity because she knew that Mo Feifei was not interested in being a model.

Su Qianxun took her phone and gave her sunglasses to Mo Feifei for her to wear. She then took a few photos of Mo Feifei and posted it on Weibo without any edits.

Attached to it was: Congratulations to my niece for becoming a successful designer.

It looked like a normal Weibo post in which Su Qianxun just casually congratulated her niece.

However, the post was seen by millions of people and it was all because of Mo Feifei’s beauty. Some even said that Su Qianxun’s niece looked like Rong Mo.

In the end, someone even said that Rong Mo could be Su Qianxun’s relative…

Netizens always have endless imaginations.

When evening came, Weibo exposed a video of Zhang Yunmeng going on a date with a famous male celebrity.

What was surprising was that the male celebrity had disclosed to the public that he has a girlfriend.

Instantly, under Yunmeng’s Weibo, many fans scolded her for being a third party.

She was even wearing the same dress as Mo Feifei.

Both of them did not have their photos edited.

While Su Qianxun’s niece looked so pretty and classy in the photo, one could clearly see that the dress Yunmeng had on looked very ordinary and had no highlights even if it was the same dress.

Her haters went to compare Mo Feifei’s photo with Yunmeng’s photo. They even photoshopped them together. They claimed that Mo Feifei looked like a noble phoenix in the dress while Yunmeng looked like a finicky wild chicken.

Many netizens were very brute with their words.

When Yunmeng opened her Weibo and realized that she was under fire, she was so angry that she wanted to smash her phone and throw a fit. Then again, there was nothing she could do about it.

She felt that it was all Su Qianxun’s fault. So upon reaching home, she directly told Li Mengyao, “Sis, you said that Lu Yanzhi liked you very much and that he would marry you in the future. But why is it that I’ve heard from people that Lu Yanzhi and Su Qianxun are getting married?”

Her big sister would definitely refuse to help her if she wanted her to directly deal with Su Qianxun, thus she had no choice but to use agitation on her.

Because she firmly believed that the moment her big sister heard that Su Qianxun was going to marry Lu Yanzhi, she would make a move!

As expected, Li Meiyao’s face blackened. “Marriage? You said Lu Yanzhi and Su Qianxun are getting married? How could this be?”

“I heard it from someone else so I don’t know the exact details, but big sister you must work harder. If you don’t find a way to keep brother-in-law at your side, he would be snatched by someone else.”

Li Mengyao controlled her anger and clenched her fists tightly.

Didn’t she want to work harder too? But Lu Yanzhi stayed with the army troops all day that she couldn’t even get close to him. What more can she do?