His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1203 - You Are My One And Only (13)

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Chapter 1203: You Are My One And Only (13)

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Su Qianxun furrowed her eyebrows slightly. If Xiao Bai wasn’t Li Menghao’s son, whose son did Xiao Bai belong to?

Could Xiao Bai really be her son?

Or did Li Menghao tell this to Yunmeng because she didn’t want anybody to know her past and was afraid that she couldn’t marry into the Lu Family because of this?

After all, she shared the same sentiments. She too didn’t want to tell anyone what had happened in the magic cave.

She looked up and saw Mo Feifei standing in front of her. “Not bad, you look good in it. Change into something else.”

Mo Feifei didn’t change into another set of clothes immediately. Instead, she sat beside Su Qianxun. “They are talking about Lu Yanchen’s big brother?”

“Yup, they said her big sister would marry Lu Yanchen’s big brother and that they have a great relationship. After they marry each other, they will be very loving.” Su Qianxun laughed and said it however endless sarcasm and ridicule could be heard from her voice.

Mo Feifei furrowed her eyebrows. “…”

‘That kid wasn’t little auntie’s. Isn’t Big Brother Lu interested in Little Auntie? Aren’t they the ones getting married? Why did Li Mengyao suddenly come into the picture?’

No wonder Little Auntie asked her that day why she was handed over to Lu Yanzhi.

‘I don’t even know if they really are unsuitable for each other or if there’s a misunderstanding between them.’

‘Although Little Auntie is smiling, in her heart she really feels bitter about it. Then again, a bitter feeling means that she had feelings for him.’

Wasn’t this a re-enactment of ‘languishing youths and unhappy maidens’ often written in many stories? The pain of all those who loved, of all those who loved deeply, of all those loved painfully, and yet they could never be satisfied in their heart.

She suddenly remembered her little sister Shi Guang and Lu Yanchen. The beauty of their sweet and deep love seemed to be another kind of love story.

Her little sister’s love story was like that of summer, while her aunt’s love story was like that of winter.

Both were love, yet were so different.

‘Is love so complicated? How does love really feel like?’

Mo Feifei was unsure as well but she suddenly had an impulse to experience it.

Just then, that woman’s scream could be heard from the neighboring dressing room. “Gosh, so pretty! Yunmeng, you look so pretty in this outfit. You aren’t so far apart from Su Qianxun.”

“Can you not always compare me with her?” Yunmeng’s voice had a hint of displeasure.

Just then, the salesperson walked in and smiled while praising Yunmeng. She said that Yunmeng looked really pretty in the dress. She said it was as if Yunmeng was a goddess who had descended from the Heavens.

The woman beside Yunmeng scoffed. “I think your boss really doesn’t know how to pick your brand ambassadors. Your brand is so youthful and fashionable, and yet I don’t even know what to say about your current brand ambassador.”

The salesperson understood the meaning behind her words and laughed awkwardly at the side.

The woman even continued praising, clearly meaning that out of all the celebrities, Yunmeng looked the best when she wore this brand’s clothes.

Yunmeng seemed to agree and striked a few poses in front of the mirror. One moment ago, she was smiling sweetly at the mirror. The next moment, she was pouting cutely. After changing a few poses, she finally said to the salesperson, “I will take it.”

With that said, she paid for it and left without changing out of the outfit.

The tapping of her high heels slowly softened as she walked further away.

Su Qianxun mockingly laughed before calling the salesperson over. “Could you pass me a set of the outfit the person in the neighboring dressing room wore just now?”

When the salesperson went out, Mo Feifei asked her, “What are you planning to do?”

“You should know what I am trying to do. As she had said earlier, who is she? I will not waste my time on such a person. It would be an insult to my status for me to haggle with her, but…”