His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1201 - You Are My One and Only (11)

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Chapter 1201: You Are My One and Only (11)

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Just as when Mo Feifei was at a loss and didn’t know how to solve the awkward and flirty situation, Shang Mo, who was behind her, immediately backed away and widened the distance between them. Mo Feifei took over the document afterward.

“You must look at it carefully.”

After Mo Feifei gave her thanks, she left and returned to her bedroom. When she opened the document, although her eyes were looking at the words in the document, her mind was thinking about Shang Mo’s handsome face.

‘What’s going on with me?’

Mo Feifei was caught in between laughter and tears. The corners of her lips curled upwards, too. She felt weird when a bittersweet feeling slowly crept into her heart.

As it was her first job, Mo Feifei was still very mindful of it. She rummaged through her wardrobe and realized she didn’t have suitable working attire. Hence, she thought of asking Shi Guang to accompany her to go shopping.

However, Lu Yanchen and Shi Guang were still at their Grandma’s house.

Luckily, Su Qianxun was free. The woman said that since she was going to accompany her to shop for clothes, she would do her best to transform Mo Feifei into the most beautiful lady in the whole design department. She would make her the best designer among all the pretty ladies.

Mo Feifei had reached first, so she decided to wait for Su Qianxun at a cafeteria since it was raining cats and dogs outside. She then ordered some exquisite desserts to her table. Mo Feifei ate the desserts with grace as she scrolled through her phone to pass time.

Her little aunt appeared on the headlines on Weibo again.

Yunmeng and Su Qianxun collaborated in a movie. Su Qianxun was the female lead and Yunmeng was just a minor character in the movie. She was otherwise known as the girl who served under Su Qianxun’s character.

She purposely disclosed on Weibo that Su Qianxun was acting like a big shot and made use of her seniority to bully and suppress the newbies.

The comments section was between the two extremes with each having half of the majority.

When Su Qianxun arrived, she saw Mo Feifei staring hard at her phone. She used her index finger to lower her sunglasses slightly to the tip of her nose. She looked at Mo Feifei’s hand and waited for her to finish reading the contents on her phone before sitting on the chair opposite Mo Feifei. “I didn’t know that you would read such gossip news.”

Mo Feifei kept her phone and chuckled. “I was just randomly looking around. You are so popular that scandals never stop coming up. I could still remember how you had lesser people throwing shade on you. But why do I feel that the number of your haters is growing?”

“It was all because of you.”


“It was a scandal involving us both before. A gentle girl like you dressed as a man. Tell me, why do you have so many female fans?”

“It is my fault, please accept my apologies.”

“Apologies accepted, let’s go and buy some clothes.”

The two of them had a fun time chatting before standing up and left.

As for working attires, Su Qianxun was an ambassador for an international brand. She felt that it was not bad of an idea to shop from that particular brand, thus she directly brought Mo Feifei to the shop.

Mo Feifei took a look at the price of the clothes. “It’s too expensive.”

Su Qianxun’s charming eyes had a hint of confusion. “If I didn’t remember it wrongly, Lu Yanchen gave Shi Guang a black card and then she gave it to you.”

“She did give it to me but I made my words clear that I will return the card to her once I’ve found a job. I will return the money I used, too.”

“Didn’t you already find a job?” Su Qianxun sheepishly said. “Alright, I shall not tease you anymore. Don’t forget that I am the brand ambassador of this shop, I can take away a few sets of clothes without paying. I can wear it and post it on Weibo later and the advertisement fee would be much more expensive than these sets of clothes.”

The two of them entered the flagship store and the shop assistant immediately came to attend to them. Su Qianxun looked around and picked a piece of clothing for Mo Feifei. “Oh right, I still haven’t asked you which company you are working for?”