His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1200 - You Are My One and Only (10)

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Chapter 1200: You Are My One and Only (10)

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“If I had known that you were a girl, I wouldn’t have acted that way. It is not because I favor you over being a man, but because my dad did have an illegitimate child. They hid the child very well. I don’t know how old the kid is, all I know is the kid’s a boy. That kid’s mother used to be my mother’s best friend, and she betrayed my mother by giving birth to the kid. Because of this, my mother has always been so unhappy. That’s why I hate that child.”

Mo Feifei was stumped.

‘Why did his words sound so familiar?’

‘Yet so different.’

‘Oh right. The version that Chang Xiaoyang said the other day seems different, but why does it sound so similar to this?’

Just as she was going to ask, Shang Mo already changed the topic. “Liking someone is such a strange thing. Even if you become a man, even if you push me away all the time, I will still fall in love with you every single time. I like your faint smile, I like the way you speak, I like your calm and wise moments. Because I like you, I think you are the best woman in the world…”

Mo Feifei’s heart trembled as she looked at him with an astonished look. “…”

Why did he suddenly start saying pick-up lines? He even said it so smoothly, so mushy, and so heart-warming. She felt that her heart was almost going to pop out of her chest.

The current Shang Mo and the Shang Mo she knew before were both totally different people.

After all, Shang Mo was a steady and mature man. Everyone stuck up to him and he gave everyone a cold face.

Her eyebrows were furrowed tightly.

Shang Mo’s eyes never once left her as his eyes took in Mo Feifei’s sudden realization and how she had slightly furrowed her eyebrows. He deepened his voice and said, “I hate it when you furrow your eyebrows. It makes it seem like you dislike me!”

“I don’t dislike you. It is just that it was my first time facing such a situation so I don’t know how to respond,” replied Mo Feifei.

Shang Mo’s eyes brightened and his lips trembled. He stared at the calm girl before him for a while before asking indifferently, “No one has confessed to you before?”

His speaking tone suddenly lost their usual calm rhythm. It turned from shock and then morphed into an elated tone.

Mo Feifei shook her head. “Nope.”

“That’s great.” This sentence was said so softly that Mo Feifei couldn’t even hear it clearly. She subconsciously asked, “What did you say?”


Shang Mo shook his head. In a serious tone of voice, he said, “I was thinking about where I had left the documents for the design department. You should take a look at it, too.”


“The highest layer of the bookshelf,” Shang Mo said. He had his eyes fixed on a blue document at the top of the shelf.

Mo Feifei stood up and walked towards it. The shelf was very high, and although Mo Feifei was pretty tall herself, she still couldn’t reach it. She tiptoed and straightened out her arm…

However, she still couldn’t reach it. She tiptoed again. This time, her nails almost touched the document.

Suddenly, a tall figure walked to her back. The huge figure blocked the light rays causing Mo Feifei to subconsciously turn around. She saw Shang Mo and wondered just when he had stepped behind her. “Here.”

Both of them stood really close to each other. If Mo Feifei would raise her head slightly, she would be able to touch the man’s face.

She could smell his masculine scent from behind her. It was so strong of a smell that it could engulf her entire body. His attractive smell filled her nose and the pheromones that he exuded caused her knees to weaken…