His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1197 - You Are My One and Only (7)

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Chapter 1197: You Are My One and Only (7)

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“Yes, is there a matter?” Mo Feifei asked softly. Maybe it was because she had just taken a bath, her face was tender white and pinkish, her eyes shockingly bright.

Shang Mo felt something move within his body. He pursed his lips. “Do you have time to spare?”


“Can you cook a bowl of noodles for me?”

Bewildered, Mo Feifei asked, “You haven’t eaten your dinner?”

Shang Mo nodded gently.

Mo Feifei thought for a moment before nodding her head in agreement. “Okay, wait for a while. I will go down after I blow my hair dry.”

“Where is the hairdryer?” Shang Mo asked as his eyes darted left and right. “I’ll blow your hair dry.”

“It’s fine.”

Mo Feifei wanted to reject but Shang Mo had already found the hairdryer. He pulled her elbow and he set her down in front of the mirror.

The buzzing sound from the hairdryer rang continuously. Mo Feifei’s body went a little stiff. After she cleared things up with Shang Mo, she had not worn her wig and her real hair had already grown to below her ears.

At the Shang residences, there were only male clothes. Mo Feifei wore male nightwear and it made her look like a man with long hair.

When she looked in the mirror, all she saw was a tall and handsome man gently touching a young man’s soft long hair. He was blow-drying the hair as if he was fiddling with the world’s most beautiful and precious object.

Mo Feifei was stunned and shocked at herself that she actually thought it was a heartwarming scene.

In the past, Shang Mo mentioned he would help her blow her hair dry. It was the time where he brought her to the hot spring. But she only felt bewildered upon hearing his word in the past, it was far different now.

Shang Mo’s deep eyes scanned Mo Feifei’s dazed face. His eyes were filled with charming colors.

His eyes traveled down and his gaze fell on her collarbone. He could vaguely see her faintly discernible cleavage that she hid in her clothes.

He really wanted to know what it feels like.

That time, he was too drunk and could not remember how it felt. He could only barely remember how great it was.

Shang Mo closed his eyes to stop his imagination from running wild. He then diverted his focus by helping Mo Feifei blow-dry her hair. He looked very calm and had no reaction.

Hence, that made Mo Feifei come back to her senses. But little did she know, Shang Mo had already done her over and over again in his heart.

After a moment, Shang Mo set the hairdryer aside, and then his deep voice rang out. “Your hair is done.”

“Oh,” Shi Guang said with an indifferent tone.

She was accustomed to not saying a word thank you to Shang Mo.

Moreover, he only blew her hair dry when she agreed to cook noodles for him.

Mo Feifei was cooking the noodles in the kitchen while Shang Mo stood at the side, looking at her. His gaze was on her soft lips and thought that they were probably even more delicious than the noodles.

As he thought about it, he raised up his fingers and brushed it against his lips. He had done it so sexually and seductively…

When Mo Feifei finished putting in the seasoning, Shang Mo said, “I want to eat vinegar1?”

Mo Feifei’s eyes widened and immediately raised her head in shock to look at Shang Mo who stood behind her. But Shang Mo seemed to have not noticed her shocked expression and smiled. “I like to eat vinegar so you can add more vinegar to the noodles.”


Mo Feifei realized she had a wrong thought and that made her body uneasy. She took over the bottle of vinegar and poured a little bit into the noodles.

“Do you like to eat vinegar?” Shang Mo asked. He pulled a smile with an underlying deeper meaning.

“I don’t eat vinegar.”

With that, Mo Feifei turned off the stove and scooped a bowl of hot noodles. When Shang Mo saw it, he asked, “Are you not eating?”