His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1196 - You Are My One and Only (6)

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Chapter 1196: You Are My One and Only (6)

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As she saw Mo Feifei’s lack of reply, Granny Shang solemnly said, “You don’t want to accompany annoying granny anymore?”

Mo Feifei helped Old Madam to put the blanket over her. “Of course not, I will accompany you.”

After hearing those words, Granny Shang smiled and closed her eyes to sleep. Mo Feifei accompanied Granny Shang until she had fallen asleep.

When she proceeded downstairs, she saw Shang Mo sitting in the living room. The cold and handsome demeanor he exuded was sharp enough to cut through like a knife that it’s almost a clear-cut every single time. He had sharp features and he had pursed his lips. It brought about an imposing and dominating aura.

When Shang Mo took the call, he came back immediately. While he was still on the highway, he stepped on the accelerator to the fullest. Once he got off the highway, he even drove past a few red lights.

When he arrived, he heard from Dahai that she was upstairs accompanying granny.

With that, he heaved out a sigh of relief.

In this life, he figured he was going to pin his hopes on this woman.

As he saw her coming down from upstairs, the side of Shang Mo’s mouth curved up.

The two of them stood in the living room as though the whole world had stopped. Both of them did not say a word and only silently looked at each other.

Mo Feifei stumbled into his sparkling eyes. Images of the past passed through her mind as though she was viewing flowers while riding horseback.

Shang Mo was smiling at her and he had let her call him big brother. He said that in the future, he would not let anyone bully her. He even said that as long as she was willing, he would make her the most popular male star in the entertainment industry.

They had many heartwarming scenes.

In actual fact, he was not totally bad to her. In the later part, Shang Mo treated her well.

Suddenly, Mo Feifei felt something hit her heart.

Soft and sour, an indescribable feeling. She tried to ignore it but she realized fireworks had exploded in her heart. There was a feeling of happiness and pleasure running through her soul that it made her shudder.

Mo Feifei was stunned for a moment and when she came back to her senses, she did not look at Shang Mo anymore.

She spoke first. “Granny is fine now. It’s just that she’s getting old and her body is not well thus she always has small illnesses and pain here and there. Spend more time to take care of her.”

“You’re going back?”

He strutted forward and offered her a deep look as though he wanted her to be etched in his heart forever.

Her heart suddenly started to quicken. Mo Feifei was sure that it was definitely not the feeling of being touched. It was just Shang Mo’s sudden act of moving closer that made her fluster.

She coldly responded, “No.”

Shang Mo smiled. “In that case, you can take care of granny. Granny prefers you to be at her side.”

Although she disliked talking about love, as long as she returned, it was fine for now.


“Your room is clean.”

“I’ll be heading to my room then.”

Throwing those words behind, Mo Feifei proceeded upstairs.

Shang Mo continued to stare at her back view. It was still winter yet he suddenly felt that his body was as soft as though a pack of warm suns had enveloped him. He felt especially comfortable.

He walked around the house and thought for a moment before heading upstairs. He knocked on Mo Feifei’s room door.

Mo Feifei had just come out from the bath and wore thin and flimsy nightwear. Her hair was still dripping with water. The water flowed through her exquisite facial lines and then to her slim neck, and to her sexy collarbone. It then dropped to her beautiful curves so slowly that it could make one go out of control.

He tried to stay calm and stared at her with seriousness. “Did you just take a bath?”