His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1195 - You Are My One and Only (5)

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Chapter 1195: You Are My One and Only (5)

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After Mo Feifei sent granny back to the Shang residences, she wanted to leave. However, granny held onto her hand until the Chinese physician came.

The Chinese physician was a forty-over years old aunt. She then proceeded to give Granny Shang a series of checks.

Granny did not fall down, hence there were no bruises or cuts on her body. But once the doctor pressed on her waist, Granny Shang let out a painful yelp. Mo Feifei was so frightened that she could not sit still and kept asking the doctor if granny was hurt anywhere.

Granny Shang took the opportunity and cried out in pain. She also pulled a cute act at the same time so that Mo Feifei would not leave her side.

Mo Feifei reproachfully remarked, “It’s all my fault. Knowing that the floor was slippery, I should have held onto you while you were walking.”

Granny Shang smiled. “Look at how frightened you look. Don’t be scared, it’s just a sprain and not anything big. Moreover, how can you be blamed for my slip? I was not careful. I’m old and useless. If not, how could I sprain my back when I just slightly slipped? So, don’t reproach yourself, because if you do granny will feel very guilty.”

The Chinese physician massaged granny’s waist a few times more. “The bone was indeed not hurt and it’s just a small sprain. She would recover after a few days of rest.”

Granny Shang immediately said, “Look, granny never lied to you. How could something happen to granny? I’ve yet to see Shang Mo start a family, marry his wife, and bear a child. How can I bear to close my eyes…”

Mo Feifei put on a stern expression, and she said, “Granny, why are you digressing further!”

Granny Shang laughed happily. “Okay, let’s not talk about that. I have to… open my eyes wide and pick a good girl for him, a filial and virtuous girl. Do you think that the wife he would marry would be a filial one? Filial girls all have a kind heart…”

With that, her knowing gaze fell on Mo Feifei.

Mo Feifei understood granny’s message and laughed awkwardly. “That is for sure…” ‘…Your future granddaughter-in-law would definitely be very filial.’

She did not get to finish her words before the Chinese physician, who was at their side, smiled and said, “One look at Miss Mo and I know she is a filial girl. In the future, she would definitely take good care of you on behalf of Mr. Shang.”

Granny chuckled. “…”

But, Mo Feifei was embarrassed. “…”

She wanted to explain but the Chinese physician continued her words. “Miss Mo, Old Madam is now old which might show how her recovery is slow. These few days, I’ll teach you the steps on how to massage Old Madam every day. This can speed up her recovery.”


“It is already winter, so you must make sure she is kept warm. If there is no need, don’t let her stand in the cold.”


The physician continued to give her instructions about her diet and proceeded to pack her things. She left without prescribing any medicine.

Mo Feifei wanted to send the physician off, but the moment she stood up, granny started calling for her. “Momo, Momo…”

“Granny, I will not leave. I will stay here with you.” Mo Feifei could only let Dahai send the physician off and came back to stay with Granny Shang.

“When I wake up, I want to see you too?” Granny Shang acted cutely to Mo Feifei.

Shang Mo’s gentle yet harsh eyes immediately flashed through Mo Feifei’s brain.

She shivered and could not breathe momentarily. Unless Shang Mo was not returning home, she would definitely meet Shang Mo.

As she saw Mo Feifei’s lack of reply, Granny Shang solemnly said, “You don’t want to accompany annoying granny anymore?”