His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1194 - You Are My One and Only (4)

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Chapter 1194: You Are My One and Only (4)

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Granny Shang did not know Mo Feifei made Rong Mo disappear on purpose. She only knew that Shang Mo had found Rong Mo, the one who had lost all of her memories before, in the form of Mo Feifei.

After all, she had already seen Rong Mo lose her memories twice.

If Rong Mo were to lose her memories and forget everything again, it would not be surprising.

After hearing from her grandson that Mo Feifei had already found out that Shang Mo knew he was Rong Mo, she immediately rushed over. The sentence was rather depressing, but she was confident upon saying that Rong Mo still remembered her.

She could not wait for even a minute and immediately told her driver to send her to see Rong Mo.

Upon hearing Mo Feifei call her granny and seeing Rong Mo… No, Mo Feifei who now had recovered her identity as a girl, Granny Shang was so elated that tears streaked down her cheeks. She then hugged Mo Feifei. “Child, you are alright. Granny is so happy.”

Mo Feifei thought that an old person’s hug was very heartwarming, and so the side of her mouth turned into a comfortable smile. “I’m sorry to have made you worry, granny.”

Granny Shang choked out. “Thank goodness you’re fine.”

They both entered the house before she sized her up from head to toe. “Come, let granny see if you are hurt anywhere.”

“Granny, I’m fine, I’m very good.”

“You became a big girl now, so pretty.” She was indeed the granddaughter-in-law she looked upon.

Her grandson had a boring personality and she did not know how far these two had gone. She hoped they could successfully have a marriage this year and then give birth to a baby next year.

Granny Shang stayed at Mo Feifei for quite a long time. Only when the sky turned dark did she want to leave. She said that her driver was waiting for her outside.

It was raining outside and the floor was slippery. Granny almost slipped, in which luckily, Mo Feifei held her upright. However, she was so scared that her face turned as white as a sheet. “Granny, are you alright?”

Instead, Granny Shang laughed. “I should be alright but I think I am not feeling too well.”

Mo Feifei worriedly said, “How about we visit the hospital and get an X-ray?”

“What do you mean X-ray! I didn’t slip and I know my body best. I just got a fright and accidentally got a cramp, that’s all. I should be fine after taking a rest. Don’t worry, I can ask the Chinese physician to give me a massage when I get home.” Granny Shang smiled out cheekily and pulled Mo Feifei’s hand.

Initially, Mo Feifei only wanted to send Granny Shang downstairs as the driver would naturally send Granny Shang back home, but she got worried and thought that she better send Granny Shang back to the Shang residences.

In Shang Mo’s office, he sat by the window with his extraordinary handsome figure and his handsome side profile alternating between light and dark.

In front of him, there was a computer that showed Mo Feifei’s daily life in the past two days.

These two days, her younger sister stayed in her house and she was very happy. At this moment, he realized that he was very envious and jealous of Mo Feifei’s younger sister.

He had been thinking for the past two days on how to turn the tide. He thought back and forth for a long time and could not find any opportunity to take it at all.

She had no love for him and hence, she did not care.

However, the more he loved, the more careful he was.

The door was pushed open. Shang Mo’s face was so scaringly cold. His quiet and deep eyes stared right through Big Mountain’s face. With a deep and cold voice, he asked, “What is the matter?”

Big Mountain smiled cheekily and replied, “Mr. Shang, Miss Mo is at the Shang residences now. She came back with the Old Madam.”

Shang Mo’s heart had a surge of happiness and the side of his mouth curled up. As he saw Big Mountain who was smiling foolishly at him, he immediately changed back to his cold face.