His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1192 - You Are My One and Only (2)

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Chapter 1192: You Are My One and Only (2)

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Shi Guang softly smiled. “Big sister, what happened to you? Why do you look shocked?”

“There was a small accident. Didn’t you and Lu Yanchen just got back from your honeymoon…” Mo Feifei quickly held out her hand and took over Shi Guang’s luggage. “Why did you come to my place all of a sudden? Have you visited the elders?”

Shi Guang hugged Mo Feifei’s shoulders and smiled. “We haven’t visited Grandma Bing yet. We’ve actually just arrived at the county town a few days ago. Lu Yanchen is still busy, so we couldn’t visit grandma yet. We will do so once he is done with work. Sister, do you want to go with us to visit them?”

“I’m busy now.” Mo Feifei closed the door.

“Is it about finding a job?” Shi Guang asked in the gentlest voice. “Didn’t you say you were going to a design institute to work? Little aunt said you liked it there so why did you stop working? Do you want to act? Little aunt has always wanted you to act but I think you are more suitable as a designer. Then again, no matter what you do, we will always support you.”

Shi Guang’s eyes sparkled brightly and she had a facial expression that seemed to say, ‘My big sister is the coolest, prettiest, best, and the most intelligent person.’

To put it simply, she was a fan!

Mo Feifei smiled tenderly and hugged Shi Guang back before cleaning up a spare room for her.

At her side, Shi Guang folded the clothes. She recalled that she saw Shang Mo downstairs and cunningly rolled her eyes before looking at Mo Feifei. “Big sister, do you still remember Huo Zhan?”

Mo Feifei nodded her head. “Of course, I remember him. Didn’t he attend your wedding? We even talked for a while and exchanged our contact numbers so we could meet up when we’re both free. Oh yes, wasn’t he preparing for his marriage as well?”

“When we were younger, Su Fei and I had a close relationship with him. We also contacted each other often even before he had a girlfriend. Anyway, he had always been looking for his true love and finally, he found her. It’s his current girlfriend. After that, we contacted each other less often. I heard that his girlfriend did not like him keeping in contact with us. Since Huo Zhan seemed to like her a lot, he obediently listened to her. He did not ask Su Fei and me to eat out together as often as he did in the past. But I don’t know what happened to him recently? He and his girlfriend seemed to quarrel a lot more these days to the point of wanting to break up. I think even Su Fei was involved.”

“Su Fei? Your classmate?”

“Yes, actually in the past, I felt that something was going on between them but Huo Zhan kept talking about finding his true love. Then soon after, he found his current girlfriend. But there were times when he seemed to have complained to Su Fei that he was regretful. Fufufu… Could it be that after going one round, he finally realized that the true love he was trying so hard to find was by his side since the beginning?” Shi Guang tortuously said.

“Oh?” Mo Feifei nonchalantly replied.

She felt that her younger sister’s words seemed to point at a certain specific meaning. She smiled and said, “You and Lu Yanchen were each other’s first, and maybe that’s why you automatically think that everyone should be like the both of you. When one talks about love, there are a million ways it could possibly occur.”

Shi Guang’s brows rose up and her jaws gaped. She did not know what to say.

Did her big sister really not understand her words or was she pretending to not understand?

“Also, don’t mess with others’ love life. Be careful, if not, trouble will come for you.” Mo Feifei had always thought that Huo Zhan liked her younger sister. When they were young, he always protected and took care of her. He even said that when they grew older, he would marry her and officially care for her.

To date, her younger sister was married. The love in the past was not so important anymore. She only hoped that Huo Zhan’s unstable relationship would not affect her younger sister’s life.