His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1191 - You Are My One and Only (1)

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Chapter 1191: You Are My One and Only (1)

That’s right, he couldn’t bear to do it.

Besides, he didn’t dare force her. He was afraid that if he had forced her, it would make her even angrier and there wouldn’t be any more chance for him to win her back.

Although she looked very weak and gentle, she was very strong and tough inside. She was also very opinionated.

Be it any situation or time, she fully understood her place and understood what she wanted in life. She maintained a type of calmness and indifference that was even more mature than her actual age. No matter what circumstance she was in, and no matter how difficult people depict life to be, she still could remain calm and face all of it with skill and ease.

She had a disciplined and gentle personality yet she was rational and transparent at the same time.

At that time, he had thought that she was too complicated and subtle for an eighteen-year-old. If she was really an illegitimate child of the Shang Family, he should get rid of her soon. Otherwise, she would grow up to be a scary opponent.

But when he knew that she wasn’t his dad’s illegitimate child, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He even let down his guard towards her, and it slowly morphed into appreciation… Slowly, from a time he wasn’t even aware, his appreciation towards her changed into fondness.

He had always thought that she was like him. For if there was appreciation, there would be fondness. However, he never thought that she had no special feelings for him at all.

She even wanted to avoid him!

The reason he was so careful around her wasn’t that he was afraid she might hide away from him once more, but more like he was afraid he would lose her forever.

No matter where she would hide, he knew he would still be able to find her. What he was most afraid of was that this game of hide and seek would make her dislike him more. And eventually, with all these circumstances, she might completely give up on him.

That was the scariest part of it.

Shang Mo left in a hurry hence he did not notice that there was a black sport utility vehicle parked next to his car.

Shi Guang was sitting in her car and was looking at the entrance ahead. She saw a man walking out and he was dressed in black. Because he wasn’t wearing glasses, his handsome face looked especially charming and enchanting.

That was Shang Mo… but Shang Mo usually looked so gentle and mature. How could he look so charming even without his glasses?

Stunned, Shi Guang thought she was mistaken at first.

But upon taking a clearer look, she realized she was right. It was Shang Mo.

What was Shang Mo doing there?

Shi Guang was taken by surprise. She continued staring at Shang Mo until he got into his car. She blinked her eyes and then turned her head to face Lu Yanchen who was on the driver seat. “The person who drove the car away was Shang Mo, wasn’t it?”

Lu Yanchen turned and looked at Shang Mo driving his car away and nodded. “It’s him.”

“What was he doing here? Was he here to find my big sister?” Shi Guang was shocked and confused at the same time.

‘Didn’t big sister already made Rong Mo disappear? She even asked Lu Yanchen for help. Regarding this, it is impossible for Shang Mo to find out that my big sister is Rong Mo. Then again, how did he know that my big sister is here?’

‘Could it be that Shang Mo was here for another matter and had nothing to do with big sister?’

“You can ask your big sister later.” Both of them had finished their one month long honeymoon, and Lu Yanchen still had a load of work to catch up. He had to go on an overseas work trip for two days. Shi Guang did not want to stay at home alone, so she packed her clothes and temporarily moved to Mo Feifei’s place.

“Alright, I will go in now. You don’t need to walk me upstairs since you still have to rush to the airport. Although it could be a little rushed, you still have to be careful when you drive. Fetch me after you are done.” Shi Guang kissed Lu Yanchen’s face and opened the car door to get out of the car.

When Shi Guang knocked on the door, Mo Feifei thought Shang Mo had returned.

She hesitated momentarily before opening the door. She didn’t know for what reason, but her heart didn’t feel so heavy anymore. When she opened the door and saw that it was Shi Guang who was standing at the door, she still felt really happy but then it felt as if something was missing too.