His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1190 - Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (30)

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Chapter 1190: Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (30)

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Mo Feifei looked at his handsome side profile. “What I have told you before was true. I don’t want to date at the moment, neither do I want to find a man and get married. Perhaps many people think that a woman has to find a man or her own happiness for them to be truly happy. However, I disagree because everyone has a different purpose in life. For now, I just want to find myself so it doesn’t matter whether you love me or not.”

The important thing was she hated a relationship with guys.

Shang Mo couldn’t understand her at the moment and looked at her in confusion. ‘Find herself for what?’

‘Isn’t she living well…’

Mo Feifei seemed to know what was bothering him and she said,

“I was unconscious for seven years. After I woke up, I experienced so many things. My younger sister consoled me and said that whatever happened during that accident is not because of my parentage. Either way, Su Ya and her family would never let my parents slip away. But the way I see it, the incident happened because of me. I still blame myself for it and now I don’t know what I should do.”

She was living in confusion!

“You are the director of the Shang Group and have businesses with almost all of the rich families in Kyoto. You also have dealings with the lady bosses of big shots companies. They graduated from famous universities and their family background is outstanding. And me? I was a vegetable for seven years. If you were to marry me, what would they think of you? Do you think we could ignore them as long as there is love? If a couple or married couple love each other but barely understand each other, that would be a very scary kind of love.”

“Fine!” Shang Mo turned around and left after saying a baffling word. He then slammed the door harshly.

Looking at his retreating figure, Mo Feifei suddenly felt very uncomfortable as though her heart was squeezed into a ball. She felt very terrible.

She wanted to do something else and force herself to stop thinking about anything related to Shang Mo. She had to stop thinking…

Granny heard from Big Mountain that Mo Feifei was Rong Mo. Of course, it was with Shang Mo’s permission that Big Mountain was able to dare tell Granny Shang. However, he had addressed to not let Granny Shang find Mo Feifei. He also added that if ever she saw Mo Feifei, she would treat her as the girl who her grandson met during the blind date.

At that moment, Granny Shang was sitting in the living room and happily asking Big Mountain questions when she saw her grandson return home with an angry face.

Granny Shang asked him if something happened, but he only said that he was tired and went upstairs.

Big Mountain and Dahai were stunned. In their heart, Shang Mo was invincible and there was nothing he couldn’t settle. But it seemed that today, he couldn’t settle Mo Feifei.

Shang Mo took a bath in the water tub and changed into a robe. In his hands was a crystal glass containing translucent golden-colored alcohol.


What a harmful stuff.

If only he wasn’t drunk that night, he might not have forced Mo Feifei to do it with him. Perhaps his image in Mo Feifei’s heart wouldn’t be so bad.

Hmph, why did he get drunk? He was well aware that all the enjoyable things in this world were harmful.

He placed the wine glass near his lips and hesitated before putting the glass away onto the table in front of him.

Mo Feifei, what should he do with her?

He thought he was a person who could manage people well but why was it that none of his tricks worked on Mo Feifei.

She was too smart. When she rejected him, she consoled him as well and told him that she liked someone else. How then could he bear to force her to do something she didn’t like?

That’s right, he couldn’t bear to do it…