His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1188 - Uncontrollably thinking about Mo Feifei (28)

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Chapter 1188: Uncontrollably thinking about Mo Feifei (28)

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His facial expression showed some slight hesitation. And in the end, Shang Mo could only furrow his eyebrows. “You’ve guessed it, haven’t you?”

She was a smart girl and he had already made it so obvious, she should have guessed it.

However, Mo Feifei refused to admit it. “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Mo Feifei.” His sharpened gaze softened and his facial expression returned to normal. Even his tone of voice calmed down and he felt a little helpless. “Or you would like it better if I call you Rong Mo.”

The road of pretense was harder to walk than he thought it would be.

She couldn’t accept him at all.

Perhaps it would be better to say it out so they don’t have to play the game of hiding and seek anymore.

Mo Feifei remained silent with a face void of expression.

Suddenly, she laughed out loud. “So you’ve known it already and yet you are still acting in front of me. Is this some form of revenge since I deceived you by using a male identity? If it makes you feel better, I can pretend that I do not know anything.”

Shang Mo’s eyes remained cold as he looked at her in silence. After a long time, he finally asked a question, albeit softly. “You think I am angry at you and want to take revenge on you? Is that why you’re avoiding all of my confessions?”

It was as if his heart had been stabbed by how hurtful her words were.

“Isn’t it obvious? You claimed that you really liked and loved me, however, you can’t even remember what you did to me. Do you think I will accept a… Shang Mo, you know yourself, I am not a masochist.” Mo Feifei’s voice turned colder as time passed by.

They have been testing each other in the dark and he had always been contemptuous and guarded against her.

Shang Mo’s eyes focused on her eyebrows. His deep eyes were filled with pity and pain. “I used to think you were my dad’s illegitimate child… That night, I drank too much so I thought I was dreaming. I have never looked down on you. The hate from before wasn’t directed to you but after that, I really did love you!”

His voice softened and turned pleasant.

It was his mistake that night so he had to control his temper now.

Mo Feifei’s face remained void of emotion. She coldly said, “But you are still trying to manipulate me until now. Do you want that accident from that night to happen again? Suit yourself then, I can’t fight against you anyway. A woman’s strength can never overpower that of a man, not even a person like me who was in a coma for seven years.”

Her words sounded very heart-wrenching that Shang Mo immediately let go of her.

It was not because he cannot be domineering but because it was of no use to be.

His pitch-black eyes wavered as if he was forbearing something. “I’ve never wanted the incident that happened that night to happen again… Just now, I was just angry and jealous. Hence, I’ve crossed the line.”

He took a step forward and held her soft and small hands. He could feel that Mo Feifei wanted to pull her hand away, and so held it tighter before he placed it on his chest.

He looked at her straight in the eyes, and as he continued gazing at her, he looked like he was smiling and at the same time he wasn’t. And yet, one could feel the warmth in his eyes.

“I have already fallen in love with you. How can you escape? How can you get together with another man!”

Mo Feifei froze momentarily.

He seemed to have confessed his feelings before however, he was never so straightforward and pitiful.

Mo Feifei’s heart wavered. “He used to be my doctor and he took care of me when I was unconscious. He was also the first person I saw when I woke up. I couldn’t remember anything at that moment and I only knew him. He treated me differently, hence I thought he could be my boyfriend. I used to think he was the best person to put my trust in this world…”

She said it so indifferently, however Shang Mo’s face darkened and his fist clenched into a ball.