His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1187 - Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (27)

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Chapter 1187: Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (27)

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Mo Feifei raised her eyes to slowly face Shang Mo’s gaze. Anger and desire were written all over his deep and dark eyes.

He looked the same as that drunken night where his usual gentlemanly and polite self was not in sight.

This made him look very charming.

His gaze looked murderous as if he would murder anybody who dares stand in his way and without a second thought!

At that moment, the noisy sounds in her head suddenly turned quiet.

She closed her eyes and recalled the incidents that happened after she met Shang Mo as Mo Feifei.

The surprise encounter at the street, the coincidental meeting at the banquet, his startled expression at that time… they were all coincidental.

The time where he thought he met a woman who looked like Rong Mo.

However, after that, everything changed. All of their consequent encounters seemed to have been planned.

Shang Mo probably sent somebody to check on her background.

In that case, he probably didn’t know that she was related to Shi Guang before he saw the news. Even then, he had some sort of suspicion that he was Rong Mo.

When he asked her to go to the seafood restaurant for a meal, it seemed as though he was testing her. However, he was disappointed and left in anger after he had seen how she gobbled up the seafood, leading him to believe that she wasn’t Rong Mo.

Perhaps it was a decoy tactic that made her let down her guard and she unknowingly went to the hospital. He must have followed her from behind, and from then on, he knew that she was Rong Mo.

If that wasn’t the case, on the day that she went to the hospital, he had people to check on her. After that, he would have definitely found out that she saw a doctor not because of the flu but because of allergies.

Regardless of the possibilities, she could be sure that he had already found out that she was Rong Mo.

He was just misleading her when he mentioned that he couldn’t remember the happenings of that night. For all this time, he had been toying her!

Mo Feifei’s face immediately turned angry. “Let go of me!”

Shang Mo’s scarlet red eyes stared at Mo Feifei. “Am I not better than that man? Why do you care about him so much? Who is he? Did you both date before?”

“The words that I have told you before, have you forgotten them?” Mo Feifei tried to break away however Shang Mo’s hand was as strong as iron. No matter how hard she tried, her efforts were futile.

“I didn’t forget.” Shang Mo pursed his lips as his face showed an overbearing and domineering expression.

Mo Feifei subconsciously curled her fingers as her heart started to beat faster… Indeed, this was the real Shang Mo—extreme and cold. On the surface, he looked like a decent man, however deep down he was a bloodthirsty man.

There must be a reason for those rumors regarding him.

Mo Feifei couldn’t help but shiver.

Shang Mo saw that her body shivered, and he could feel her fear. He squinted his deep eyes and instinctively asked, “You are scared of me?”

Mo Feifei became nervous under his gaze and she clenched her fist. Out of sheer nerves, she said, “Mr. Shang… that’s enough. I thought that going on a blind date doesn’t mean we have to be together. I have myself clear from the start that we can never be together!”

Shang Mo’s narrowed eyes suddenly turned very sharp.

His eyes seemed as though they were about to see through Mo Feifei like a sharp blade.

Mo Feifei grew perturbed under his gaze and her two hands clasped tightly together. His attitude and actions have shown that her guess was right, he had already known her identity from the start.

Since Shang Mo did not want to let her know that he had already known her identity, she shall continue to act ignorant.

Sometimes, spilling the truth would do her no good.

Looking at the fire burning in her eyes suddenly cooling down, Shang Mo was slightly stunned. He then realized that he had really scared her. She even seemed to have suspected that he already knew she was Rong Mo.