His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1186 - Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (26)

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Chapter 1186: Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (26)

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Mo Feifei looked at him and instinctively replied back, “What has that got to do with you?”

Her tone was harsh that she regretted it almost immediately. Now, Shang Mo was not wearing his glasses. He looked as though he was a hungry wolf who took off its sheepskin. His eyes reflected a devilish light and it seemed like the minute she would falter, he would eat her up.

What has that got to do with me? She actually asked that question! Shang Mo was not furious, and instead, he flashed an uncanny smile with a vague message in his eyes. “That day, when you said you wouldn’t seek after me… did you mean to find him?”

“You think too much!” Mo Feifei felt that Shang Mo was very dangerous now. She knew she had to stay away.

She wanted to close the door, but as soon as she attempted to close it, Shang Mo had held back by holding onto her wrist in the next second. It was obvious that he was losing patience.

Mo Feifei furrowed her brows and wanted to break free. Shang Mo’s long legs strode over and he came to her side. He then pushed her into the house.

“You…” Mo Feifei could only make a noise before Shang Mo had firmly pinned her to the wall.

He used a lot of strength and pinned her body in such a way that she could barely move a centimeter. His chest was extremely tough. In fact, his entire body was filled with lean muscles such that Mo Feifei could barely breathe after he had squeezed her.

Mo Feifei looked at him in surprise as images of a drunk Shang Mo on that particular night flashed through her mind. It seemed to be the same scene as before where his handsome face showed a devastating scariness.

Her body could not help but quiver. She gritted her teeth as she shouted, “Shang Mo!”

This was a warning telling him to let go immediately.

Shang Mo did not move at all, and that scorching, domineering gaze of his was as though it was eye raping her.

Mo Feifei could feel goosebumps just from him staring at her. Her brain was ringing.

She gulped down her saliva and opened her mouth to talk. Shang Mo’s icy cold and handsome face suddenly leaned down and kissed her right on the lips. He gave her no chance to think and straightaway assaulted her with his tongue. He harshly tangled his own tongue with hers as though he wanted to swallow her up.

After Mo Feifei got a hold of what was happening, she immediately struggled.

However, Shang Mo had held it in for so long and could not control himself now. He firmly pinned her and roughened his kisses. His hands started to caress her body.

Mo Feifei was unable to advance or retreat. She basically could not move at that moment.

No matter how much she fought back, it was of no use as Shang Mo continued to kiss her with harsh intensity.

Shang Mo kissed Mo Feifei until she fell into a daze and her brain was in a state of confusion. She weakly gripped on Shang Mo’s shoulder… She wanted to pinch and grip him but realized that her limbs were wobbly and weak.

This kiss was as long as a decade.

Only when Mo Feifei ran out of breath did Shang Mo widen the distance between them. With his low and hoarse voice, he asked, “What do you mean by what has that got to do with me?”

I am already your man and you are mine. How dare you ask me what has that got to do with me?!

His instinct was never wrong. Something was definitely going on between Mo Feifei and that man. The look she had for that man was one of inseparable longing. If that man was to kiss her as he did, she definitely would not push away.

Shang Mo was so jealous that he was going to go crazy. He firmly hugged Mo Feifei, so strong that he wished she could meld into his embrace.

Mo Feifei had not calmed down from her shock. She huffed out and hazily stared at Shang Mo with half-lidded eyes.

Shang Mo looked at the attractive mist in her eyes and it made his throat slightly move. He almost could no longer bear with it and do her just like that night.

But he endured it in the end and merely harshly kissed her lips a few times before gritting his teeth. He warned, “Would you believe… that I will do you right now?”