His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1185 - Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (25)

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Chapter 1185: Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (25)

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“The man was furious. He treated the nurse as cruel and as cold in contrast to how gentle he was to the nurse’s friend. He moved in for the kill and almost drove the nurse and her child to death. The nurse had no choice but to bring her child out of the city. For her child, she worked until she became ill and required surgery. The surgery required a huge sum of money and since the nurse’s child was barely fifteen years old, how could he raise that sum of money? Moreover, the nurse had no relatives or friends. Even if he wanted to borrow money, he did not know from whom he should borrow. In the end, it was the boy’s classmate who had lent them a large sum and that allowed his mother to get over the tough situation. If you were the nurse’s son, what would you do?”

Mo Feifei’s face was dark as she said, “I would be very thankful but…”

Chang Xiaoyang cut her words. “Not only was the nurse’s child grateful to his classmate, but he was also filled with hatred for that man’s family.”

Mo Feifei stared straight at his eyes. His eyes were filled with a hazy fog yet clearly showed his intentions. It seemed as though there was an unstoppable resolution.

She nodded. “I understand what you meant.”

Chang Xiaoyang looked at her. With a strict tone, he asked, “If I repaid my debt and carried out my revenge, yet…”

He wanted to say something but stopped himself again. He gave a quiet laugh. “I’m leaving. Take good care of yourself and stay happy. Do you know that when you smile, your eyes sparkle? They sparkle as bright as the stars in the night sky.”

Pausing for a moment, he took a glance at the door opposite her house. The house was filled with silence. Then, he looked at Mo Feifei. “Do you know the love story about the bird and fish?”

Mo Feifei nodded her head. “…”

“There was a fish in the northern ocean resting on the sea surface. On the cliff of the seaside, there lived a bird. It was a colorful, beautiful, and cute bird. When the fish saw the bird, the fish’s heart melted instantly, and it fell in love with the bird. It thought that the bird would be the love of its life. However, the bird was clueless and to it, the fish was just a normal neighbor. It never once thought that it would want a monster who lived in the water as its lover. Yes, the fish was a monster to the bird. Initially, they got along well. The fish had always been a gentleman to the bird. But not long later, the fish could not stand the torture of having a crush and in the end, professed his love to the bird. Naturally, the bird rejected the fish’s love confession and flew away. But humans are not like birds or fishes. If you are the bird and reject the fish, the fish will break your wings.”

Mo Feifei faintly felt that there was a deeper meaning to his words.

But it seemed to be covered in smoke which made one unable to see clearly.

“The fish-loving bird was always meant to be a tragedy. You should always have a pure love relationship…” As he finished his last sentence, Chang Xiaoyang smiled and turned around to leave.

Mo Feifei looked at his retreating back view, with her gaze slightly dark. There was a weird thought emerging from her heart… and it dared not to shape out.

She heaved a deep breath of air and was prepared to close the door when the door from the opposite house opened.

The man opposite her came out. Under the dim light rays, his black pupils looked as though there were two clumps of fire burning in it. He called out, “Mo Feifei!”

This was the first time he called out her full name, and he had called her in such a cold tone.

Mo Feifei was stunned as she looked at him- “…”

He was still living here? Hadn’t he moved away?

Mo Feifei slightly furrowed her brows. “Mr. Shang, is there a matter?”

“Who was that man just now?” Shang Mo asked out indifferently. Despite the calm smile on his face, the light under his eyes was icy cold and dark.