His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1182 - Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (22)

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Chapter 1182: Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (22)

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All that Shang Mo did was to make Mo Feifei feel as though she was blinded by fog. Her whole body was in a trance, and she could neither come back to her senses nor clearly see the road in front of her.

After what happened, it was as if a black cloth had covered her eyes and everything else was just her imagination.

Mo Feifei did not want to stay at home and refused to face Shang Mo’s occasional knocking on the door. Thus, she lived with her grandma for a few days before moving to Old Man Su’s house for a few days.

Only when Shi Guang’s honeymoon ended did she return home.

When she returned home, she kept staring at the door opposite her house. She realized that no one was moving inside nor one had entered or left the house for the whole day.

Could it be that Shang Mo had moved away?

If that was the case, would it mean that Shang Mo had given up on her?

The next night, the doorbell rang. She thought it was Shang Mo but when she pushed the door open, she was momentarily shocked.

She opened the door wider but had no intention to let her visitors come in.

The two of them locked eyes in silence and no one took the initiative to speak up.

Under the dim lights of the corridor, Chang Xiaoyang’s eyes looked especially bright. They were sparkling like the stars in the sky.

He never believed in love at first sight.

He did not like Mo Feifei at first sight. And during the time that she was unconscious, he took care of her. His heart was calm at that time and he wasn’t attracted to her.

But the moment she opened her eyes, with just a look, he was attracted to her.

He figured that in this life, he will never forget the first look they shared. Her eyes were so pure and attractive. When she smiled, it was as beautiful as the blossoming of a flower. At that moment, he knew that he had to protect this girl all his life.

Originally, Su Ya made him prescribe a medicine that would allow Mo Feifei to lose her memories. It would be best if they fried her brain so she would never remember who he was.

Many medicines could result in memory loss… such as sodium chlorate which had a large adverse impact on the nerves of the brain. A mild dose could hurt the brain’s mental system whereas a strong dose could result in death.

He did not want to hurt her again and hence, he changed the medicine. He wanted to let her slowly forget everything without hurting her body.

As long as she forgot everything, he promised that he would protect her and not let Su Ya hurt her again.

He looked through her file records and knew that she possessed an IQ of 205. However, he had not known that even after being unconscious for seven years, she was still as clever as before. Not only did she figure out everything, she even escaped quietly.

In the middle of it, he had suspected that she had seen through everything.

But he was afraid of his suspicion. He was afraid of her for she knew everything, for she knew he had burned all of her bridges. As such, she should hate him and blame him for being fake and a cheat!

When he knew she had escaped, he felt dejected. Yet he heaved out a sigh of relief in his heart.

“You are hiding so well!” Finally, Mo Feifei spoke up. Her tone was filled with mockery because Su Ya and Chang Xiaoyang were suspects of a death case. The police had been searching for and investigating his whereabouts.

“Do you want to call the police to arrest me?” Chang Xiaoyang looked at her cold face and recalled the past where she used to believe and trust him. At that time, her smile was pure and her eyes as beautiful as it curled like a moon.

She was a smart yet innocent girl. It could be that since she was unconscious for seven years, many of her thoughts were similar to those of a high schooler. Most of her psychological awareness remained as to when she was 17 years old. She was as though a delicate flower which required cautious care in a sunny conservatory.