His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1180 - Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (20)

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Chapter 1180: Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (20)

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As her feelings grew complicated, Mo Feifei felt astounded.

After she made ‘Rong Mo’ disappear, she never thought that she would encounter Shang Mo again. Much less thought that after Shang Mo slept with ‘Rong Mo’ he would act as if nothing happened. He’d then tell Mo Feifei that he fell in love with her at first sight and that she caught his attention to the point that he would only want her in his entire life.

For him to put it that way, did he spare a thought for the ‘Rong Mo’ he slept with?

Could it be that he really had a personality disorder? Mo Feifei let out a soft chuckle and thought that it would be ridiculous for that to happen.

She would rather believe that Shang Mo was a liar.

She forced herself to keep a stone-cold face and told herself that she had to make things clear. She looked at Shang Mo and said, “I am not interested in what you have just mentioned and I believe you are a gentleman.”

The hidden meaning was: ‘I hope you wouldn’t pester me further and that things between us are over.’

Shang Mo gazed at her with deep and gloomy eyes, and while doing so, he looked very attractive. His gaze had a hidden domineering feel to it. His tone sounded hesitant or even a little at a loss. “I also do think that I am a gentleman and logically, since you have said it, I will definitely not pester you anymore but… I don’t want to give up. Tell me, what should I do?”

‘Faint…’ Mo Feifei pursed her lips tightly. ‘You should humble yourself when I say that you’re a gentleman. You are far from being one.’

Shang Mo had no idea that his image in Mo Feifei’s heart was so negative.

He looked at Mo Feifei again and said, “Besides, this is the first time someone cooked dumplings for me and gave me warmth. How could I give that up?”

“Aren’t the food you always eat made by other people?” rebutted Mo Feifei.

“That’s true, but not a single girl has cooked me dumplings before. They were even delicious!” Shang Mo tilted his head to the side and looked at her with dark eyes.

“Those were frozen dumplings. You can just heat it up,” mocked Mo Feifei.

“But nobody can ever cook it the way you seasoned it. I want to eat the dumplings you make for the rest of my life.” The man was a walking hormone, and he had picked on her all the time.

Mo Feifei pursed her lips tighter as she grew even more speechless. She couldn’t even refute. She helplessly said, “In that case, spit out the dumplings you ate and take it as you have not eaten them before.”

Shang Mo chuckled. “Are you sure you want me to spit it out and return them back to you? Wouldn’t it disgust you?”

Mo Feifei blushed out in shame. “…”

She simply cannot do anything with him. This person… with such attitude, with such methods, had her toyed in his palm.

Besides, he was really weird.

Could it be that he already knew who she was and everything that he was doing was just to play with her?

Thinking about it, Mo Feifei picked up her chopsticks and placed a dumpling into her mouth. She chewed it slowly while giving Shang Mo a suspicious look.

She couldn’t forget the idea that had popped up in her head earlier on.

Mo Feifei wanted to test Shang Mo and thus casually asked, “Didn’t you always say that I look like someone. What if I am the person you knew? What will you do?”

Shang Mo blinked his eyes as though the question was very strange and weird, or even unbelievable. “Are you asking what am I going to do if the person who looked like you is the same person as yourself?” asked Shang Mo.

He had asked the question in a very serious way. Since his back was facing a light source from a window, it somehow illuminated him. His body looked as if it was shining, making him look cool, mysterious, and yet, extraordinary.

Hearing his words, Mo Feifei couldn’t relax further.