His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1179 - Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (19)

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Chapter 1179: Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (19)

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“Just now, it was me who had crossed the line…” said Shang Mo.

Mo Feifei slightly closed her eyes and looked down. She pursed her lips and remained silent.

Shang Mo’s handsome pupils slightly dilated. “It’s not that I refuse to admit that the first time I saw you, I got attracted to you. I didn’t want to go onto a blind date at first, but the moment I found out that you were my blind date, I immediately agreed. Since we have just known each other, I know we should take it slow. However, I have neglected my liking towards you and uncontrollably did that just now!”

He uncontrollably wanted to ‘enter’ Feifei.

Mo Feifei’s eyes wavered slightly. She looked at him with a complicated gaze, it was as if she wanted to say her mind, however, was cut off by something else.

“Anyone who dates without having marriage as their end goal is a hooligan. I am not one of those and I hope you are not too,” Shang Mo continued. The looks on his eyes were deep that it somehow showed how serious and solemn he was.

Mo Feifei was thrown into complete disarray!

She wanted to harshly scold him and tell him that he was a hooligan.

However, her words were stuck in her throat.

Mo Feifei had an ominous gut feeling and said with iron-clad certainty, “Shang Mo, you must understand that we are… not dating.”

“You are also being a hooligan if you won’t take responsibility after our blind date and won’t admit to our relationship!”

Mo Feifei’s face flushed, and she could only express her shock for his shameless words. “…”

Even if a blind date was held for the sole purpose of marriage or even if Shang Mo was even wooing her, in normal circumstances, he should ask for her consent first, right? How could they just proceed to date so easily?

Mo Feifei really wanted to spit at him to his death.

She heaved a deep breath and tried to maintain her calm before using a serious voice to ask him a question. “Mr. Shang, let me ask you. Was it true that you said you wanted to woo me earlier on?”

Shang Mo nodded. “Of course.”

“Since you used the word, woo, this means that we have not yet confirmed our relationship. How did I suddenly become your girlfriend?” Mo Feifei shot a sharp question back.

Shang Mo froze a bit momentarily. ‘Smart move, little liar.’

“Even if you get married to me, I will still continue to woo you.” Shang Mo chuckled.

Mo Feifei: “…”

Shang Mo was really thick-skinned.

It seemed that her guess was really accurate and he did have a personality disorder.

Shang Mo took in all her expressions into his eyes and curled his lips before. He said, “Feifei… I know you are not that type of girl and I didn’t mean to insult you. I have always restricted myself for the past few years. However, whenever you are around, it’s not that I don’t want to care but I really can’t control myself.”

Mo Feifei heard his implied meaning.

She took a step back and looked at him in surprise.

Shang Mo moved as well, however, he didn’t move forward and instead stepped two steps backward. He widened the distance between both of them. He looked at her in a very gentlemanly manner. “I don’t care about what you think. I have chosen you and it would be just you for the rest of my life. I don’t care if you believe me or not but I hope that you could give me… a chance!” Shang Mo said.

Mo Feifei looked into Shang Mo’s eyes and could feel his burning hot gaze. It was just like fire.

Just then, the dumplings in the pot started floating to the top. Shang Mo took a glance at it. “It’s cooked.”

As if she had just awoken from a dream, Mo Feifei placed the ingredients into the pot and seasoned it before serving it.

The meal was very quiet as Mo Feifei looked at Shang Mo, who was opposite her, placing a dumpling into his mouth slowly. He savored before looking up to smile at her. His smile was casual yet light-hearted, just like the wind and drizzling rain.

However, Mo Feifei felt astounded yet her feelings grew complicated.