His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1178 - Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (18)

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Chapter 1178: Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (18)

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Mo Feifei was stunned for a moment before immediately saying, “I’m fine. I can do it myself.”

Her hand that Shang Mo had gripped still felt like burning even though it was under running cold water. She wanted to pull her hand away but Shang Mo was strong enough to hold it back.

“I said that I was fine. Why do you refuse to let go?” Mo Feifei’s tone was filled with exasperation and an earnest plea.

Her body could not help but struggle slightly.

Shang Mo had always been a man with desire and demonic impulses. How could he not do anything when she moved in his embrace?

“Stop moving!” He walked two steps forward and leaned. His action made both their bodies press tightly together, and this left Mo Feifei stunned.

Even if she wanted to, she could not ignore it further.

She was so furious that the green vein in her forehead bulged out. She wanted so badly to turn around and throw a slap over.

Mo Feifei was embarrassed and furious. She did not dare move again since there was no space for her to turn around as well.

She had a cold face and was turning berserk. “Shang Mo. What are you doing? Let go of me now!”

Shang Mo felt a little uneasy. At first, he did not think too much about it. It was all her fault for moving around anyway. The woman he yearned day and night was blushing in his embrace and this made him lose control of himself and his patience. His body was already not in his control and it had already released his desire for her.

His breathing was harsh. He leaned back and puffed out from the side. “If you didn’t move, I wouldn’t have… You have to take responsibility…”

Take responsibility?! Mo Feifei could not keep her calm demeanor anymore. Her indifferent face started to show cracks.

With that insatiable rage, she raised her hand and harshly nudged Shang Mo’s chest.

Shang Mo could not help but mutter to himself, yet the side of his mouth curled. Even his hoarse and sexy laughter seemed as though it did not come from his mouth.

Mo Feifei’s face was so red that blood would soon drip out. “Shang Mo, I am not who you think I am. Please let me go first. Let’s talk nicely. Don’t be like this.”

Mo Feifei’s skin was delicate and it had a sweet odor. Both of their bodies were locked tightly together and only a thick rag separated them. Shang Mo felt terrible and irritable from head to toe. Sooner or later he might explode as though there was a fiery dragon surging through his body.

However, his face still showed a calm and collected expression.

Even if his heart desired more and he wanted to tear the cloth that was in between them apart.

The consequences would be dire if he did that.

But naturally, he could not ignore her wishes because of his moment of impulse.

Shang Mo tried his best and suppressed the wild tension in his body. Then slowly, he loosened his grip.

Mo Feifei took this chance to escape. As she lowered her head, her gaze accidentally fell on Shang Mo’s pants.

In her head, she instinctively recalled the scene that particular night… The green vein in her forehead bulged out and the redness on her face became even more exaggerated.

With her embarrassment turning into a rage, her face turned cold as she wanted to reprimand him.

But before she could make a noise, Shang Mo’s voice rang out. “I’m sorry!”

Mo Feifei’s words were immediately stuck in her throat.

Because an apologetic Shang Mo was so sincere!