His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1177 - Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (17)

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Chapter 1177:

Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (17)

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The house became really quiet out of a sudden. Shang Mo stood at the kitchen door as he looked at Mo Feifei cutting the ginger and onions with her head lowered in concentration. Her cutting skills were clean and proficient. With that, one could see that she cooked often.

However, she thought that she should hide her skills. Her hands became slower and acted as if she was not skilled in chopping.

Upon seeing that, Shang Mo couldn’t help but curl his lips up and chuckle.

He thought that this type of Mo Feifei looked very cute that he wanted to keep her in his arms or pin her against the wall. After which, he would presumptuously enter her, kiss her, possess her to relieve his love addiction towards her.

In fear that he couldn’t control himself, he turned around and left.

Mo Feifei subconsciously turned around and glanced at Shang Mo’s leaving figure. The colors in her eyes turned extremely complicated.

The current and previous Shang Mo was too different. Most importantly, he couldn’t remember whatever that had happened that night. It didn’t seem that he was hiding from her when he said that she was a man, as though it was just a slip of his tongue and had only known her in his subconscious mind.

He even wanted to woo her.

As for Rong Mo, she could say that he’s a stranger.

Besides, Shang Mo from the past never liked blind dates and was not the type to send flowers too. He was a proud and cold man. Even if he liked a girl, he would definitely think that the honors were hers and that she should immediately hug his thigh and become an obedient filigree.

Yet, he had done so many things for her. She really didn’t expect it.

It was as if he had changed into another person.

Suddenly, a weird idea flashed through her mind.

When Shang Mo put on his glasses, he would turn into a person. Without his glasses, he would change into another person. His eyes would be very unpredictable and would turn cold and warm at random times. At some moments, his gaze even had a hint of resentment in them.

How can a person change so much just because of a pair of glasses? This could only mean that he was pretending or he had really changed into another person.

This made her think of a possibility—dissociative identity disorder.

Those rumors of Shang Mo being a pervert, bipolar, and even bisexual might not even be fake.

Perhaps he had two personalities living within him. One of them was very polite, warm, mature, and steady. Another personality of his would be very presumptuous, evil, cool, and cold.

In addition to that, one personality of his liked males and another liked females.

Coincidentally, when she was a male, she caught the attention of the Shang Mo who liked males. Once she reverted into a female, the personality that liked females fell in love with the female version of her.

This idea made Mo Feifei feel as though her heart was rolling in the sea like waves. She couldn’t calm down.

If this was true, then even Granny was not aware of it.

If this was fake, everything would seem like a puzzle, as if it was a joke.

As she thought about it, she didn’t notice that the hot water had already burned her hand and instinctively shouted upon contact with it. Shang Mo who was outside the kitchen heard it and immediately rushed in.

Upon seeing her long and slender fingers being burned red, he immediately walked over and held her hand to place it under cold tap water.

His majestic tall figure stood behind her and surrounded her entire body. Yet, in front of her was the kitchen table, this had Mo Feifei trapped.

His breathing was so close as though it was kissing her ear, face…

The man’s body gave off a strong pheromone. It was a scent that only belonged to him, and this had caused Mo Feifei to subconsciously think of that night. Her face uncontrollably flushed red while her heart became numb and her knees became weak…