His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1176 - Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (16)

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Chapter 1176: Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (16)

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He felt that Mo Feifei was not willing for she did not move for a long time nor pursued any further. “After taking a look at your art design of the galaxy, I want to work with you and invite you to join my company’s design department to take charge of that project.”

Mo Feifei found it hard to believe. “I have no work experience at all, yet you want to work with me?”

Shang Mo said, “How outstanding a designer is even when they are not dependent on their experience. I believe you are qualified for this job coupled with the fact that my company has a design department. The reason I collaborated with the design institute was only to find better creativity.”

For a moment, Mo Feifei did not know what to say.

She wanted to work in a company and send in her resume. However, since she did not graduate from high school and possessed zero work experience, no company would hire her.

Hence, during this period, she thought about entering a university before learning design overseas.

The university schedule seemed lax and had little to no pressure. She could do other things as a sideline for such a university was established for the working class.

It would be best if she could simultaneously work and study at a university.

But… the company’s boss was Shang Mo. Just by the thought of it made her hesitate.

Working in his company was as though she was a lamb in a tiger’s den yet this was a marvelous opportunity.

“Moreover, I am interested in the universe series design you have mentioned before. I think the design institute is definitely still in contact with you and is probably hoping that you will join them again?” Shang Mo asked yet said his piece in an affirmative tone.

Mo Feifei nodded her head. “…”

Shang Mo pulled an icy smile. “Rather than going back to the design institute, why not join my company? I can promise you that you will be the head designer of this project.”

Mo Feifei was stunned that her jaws were gaping. “…”

Did he know what he was doing?

Head designer! What would the other designers think of him if he did that? Talented people had a large pride and would not give up such an important task to others.

To court her, Shang Mo was going all out… But she had always wanted to prove her ability.

As though he knew what Mo Feifei was thinking, Shang Mo sternly said, “This has nothing to do with whether or not I am courting you. No matter how much I like you, if you do not possess talent, I will not let you be the head designer. Similarly, once you start work, you have to prove to me your abilities as I’ve invited you to my company. If you cannot do your job well, you might consider yourself fired. My company always lets our capabilities speak for us!”

When she heard that, Mo Feifei became more interested.

However, she could not come to a decision right away as she did not want to have deeper relations with Shang Mo.

“I am going to the kitchen to cook some food.” After that, Mo Feifei turned and went into the kitchen.

She was a great cook but had no will to cook. She heard that people with a strong sense of taste would be able to taste if a dish was cooked by the same person.

Shang Mo was a person with a picky taste. What if he tasted something out?

Of course, she should not cook. There was a pack of frozen dumplings in the fridge and she planned to just heat it up.

Shang Mo followed her into the kitchen and saw the pack of frozen dumplings. He was slightly shocked. “Do you eat this every day?”

“More or less. I’m not a great cook.”

“Then come to my house to eat.”

She would not go. But Mo Feifei wanted to deny him out loud but could not do so. She filled the pot with water and left it on the stove before taking out some ginger and shallot from the fridge.