His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1173 - Uncontrollably thinking about Mo Feifei (13)

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Chapter 1173: Uncontrollably thinking about Mo Feifei (13)

Mo Feifei was met with sharp, dizzying pain. Big Mountain, could you be any funnier?

As he saw Mo Feifei turning her head to look at him with her brows slightly furrowed, Big Mountain was stunned for a moment before he felt weirdly nervous. She was Rong Mo? How could she be Rong Mo?

Two people, one man, and one woman. They only looked similar, but how could they be the same person?

Shang Mo coldly glanced at Big Mountain, not wanting him to reveal any cracks.

Big Mountain’s body stiffened, and he immediately said, “Miss Mo, Mr. Shang personally picked these roses. Half of the red roses were irrigated with Mr. Shang’s passion and love.

In actual fact, he was implying that she should just accept Shang Mo’s love and give up her interests in any acts about going through fire and water.

Mo Feifei opened her mouth and she was shocked. “…”

Shang Mo was stunned too. He had a stumped look as he looked at Big Mountain.

What does he mean by half of the red roses were showered with his passion and love?

People who did not know better would think that he used his blood to color these flowers… That line was cringe-worthy. Shang Mo creased his forehead.

Why did he let Big Mountain—this idiot—speak! No, why did he let Big Mountain—this idiot—stay by his side! After knowing how Big Mountain had hidden the events that happened on that particular night, he should have ordered someone to throw this idiot into the sea to die.

Mo Feifei tried to hold in her laughter.

She did not know how she should express the feelings she felt.

She could not hold it in anymore. She had to go back…

“It’s fine. I have no interest in other’s passions, especially when… the flowers were irrigated with love and passion. I dare not accept it.” After that, Mo Feifei walked back to her house and closed the door tightly.

She could not help but burst out into laughter.

Big Mountain’s embarrassing words and Shang Mo’s stunned face was too funny.

Big Mountain, you are a talent!

One may not be able to tell from his honest and strong image that he had such a… gentle side.



The soundproof quality of their houses wasn’t extraordinary. Those who were outside could still hear Mo Feifei’s laughter ringing around even after she had entered the house.

Shang Mo’s knife-cut gaze fell onto Big Mountain. Big Mountain gulped in his saliva and almost kneeled down under Shang Mo’s glare.

These past few days, Shang Mo tormented Big Mountain by ordering him to do things everywhere. Big Mountain was so tired that he wished for the matter about Rong Mo to be over soon.

He really wanted to help Mr. Shang earlier, and he has yet to understand what he had said wrongly.

Why did Rong Mo… No, she should be called Miss Mo… Miss Mo laughed while Mr. Shang kept a dark expression? He really did not understand!

Big Mountain’s body stiffened before he croaked out, “Mr. Shang.”

With a firm tone, he continued, “Miss Mo did not want to accept the flowers… not because she did not like it. It was because she was shy. Girls are sensitive. She must be reserved after knowing that you sent the flowers.”

“Oh?” Shang Mo’s gaze turned colder and acted as though he did not believe him.

The coldness in his eyes could freeze Big Mountain to death. “Then, what should we do next?”

Big Mountain almost cried.

‘Help me, oh, God. Oh, Lord!!’ How would he know how to continue on to the next step? He had never courted a girl before! If he knew how to court a girl, he would not still be single by now!