His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1171 - Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (11)

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Chapter 1171: Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei (11)

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Pursue her? Mo Feifei looked at Shang Mo as though she was looking at an alien. Her face was filled with an indescribable confusion.

With a calm tone of voice, she said, “It is my honor to be able to let Mr. Shang pursue me. But Mr. Shang and I are really not yet close and naturally, I can’t accept it.”

“Which pair of couples are close from the start? You don’t have to feel shy.”

Mo Feifei’s lusciously long eyelashes flickered. “Shy?”

From where did he see that she was shy? She was clearly scared.

“How about we watch a movie after our meal?” he had asked with a voice as low and deep as though he was talking to his beloved. He looked at her with a deep gaze.

His casual tone of voice seemed to sound as if they were already a couple. She did not know why but she had a sudden urge to throw the contents of her glass to his face.

Shouldn’t the process of blind dates include meeting and conversing with each other before they come to a decision that they’re compatible with? If not, however, they would not cross paths again?

However, it was obvious that Mr. Shang forgoed the most important step and proceeded straight to confirm their relationship!

Even if one possessed great patience, they could not help but possess the urge to walk away when met with someone not on the same frequency as them.

“I thank Mr. Shang for thinking highly of me. After today’s meal, I think we better not contact each other again.” After her clear rejection, Mo Feifei stood up and left.

And Shang Mo did not follow her.

However, this made Mo Feifei feel troubled as the Shang Mo now was very different from the overbearing Shang Mo in her memory.

When she reached home, she received a call from Old Man Su. He laughed and asked, “How was the blind date?”

In her heart, Mo Feifei said, ‘It was not good.’ But when she replied to Old Man Su, she said, “I think we are not compatible.”

“You just met him. How could you deem it as incompatible? The young lad had a great impression of you and wants to continue the relationship,” Old Man Su happily said. There was this look of pride etched on his face. Her granddaughter was such an outstanding woman, those who don’t like her must be blind.

“What? Let’s not!” Mo Feifei creased her forehead. She internally scolded Shang Mo.

“How about both of you take the chance to get to know each other? Just take it as a meeting up with a friend,” Old Man Su said in immense agreement.

After she had called Su Qianxun and Shi Guang, they both wanted her to continue on with the man. However, she was sure both of them were not aware that her blind date was Shang Mo. Old Man Su, on the other hand, did not know that she had some sort of relationship with Shang Mo.

She just could not fathom how the Old Man had coincidentally arranged a blind date for her with Shang Mo as the date. Moreover, he was the first!

If she did not remember wrongly, Shang Mo and the Su family had no relations with each other.

Weirdly, she felt as though she was pushed into a huntsman’s trap.

The next day, Mo Feifei saw the delivery man responsible for delivering the flowers.

In contrast with the other days, the bouquet she received today had a few more roses. The roses were even more delicate and beautiful. He even asked a helper to move the roses with him. The corridor was filled with fresh red roses and they all looked magnificent with a strong sense of honey-sweet love.

This magnificent sight even shocked her neighbors who came out to take a look. It arose gossip and talk among them.

The sight in front of Mo Feifei had swept her gaze. She couldn’t help but freeze on her spot.

Her brows slowly furrowed. After the delivery man had properly arranged the roses in the corridor, she let him leave.

Mo Feifei walked to the opposite side and knocked on Shang Mo’s door.