His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1170 - Uncontrollably thinking about Mo Feifei (10)

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Chapter 1170: Uncontrollably thinking about Mo Feifei (10)

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After the waiter left, the suite became very quiet. Even when the waiter served the dishes, the two of them still have not spoken a word.

After looking at the scrumptious dishes on the table and with a delicious aroma filling her nose, Mo Feifei hesitated for a moment before she took her chopsticks. She then started eating. However, she did not ask Shang Mo to eat with her.

She really couldn’t understand his motives.

Previously, Granny Shang had arranged many blind dates for him and he had rejected all of them. So why did he agree to this blind date? She tried to understand him. After doing so for a few seconds, she decided that she should just ask him directly.

She could care less if Shang Mo were to eat a meal with her, but as of now, she had already lost her appetite.

She put down her chopsticks and then looked at Shang Mo. She asked, “Before you came for the blind date, did you know that it would be me?”

For all this while, Mo Feifei thought that she was a person who could well calm herself down.

Most of the time, she was the initiative one and yet, at that moment, she was in a passive mode. She really couldn’t figure out what Shang Mo was trying to do. Not to mention, Shang Mo had hidden all his bad intentions into his heart while remaining unmoving.

Shang Mo drank his water. As though the weather today was very good, Shang Mo nonchalantly said, “I know.”

However, the moment he had said his piece, Mo Feifei widened her eyes. “You knew, you knew and you still… Spill it. What are you trying to do?”

Upon seeing Shang Mo’s series of action, could he have known that she was Rong Mo?

Mo Feifei, at that moment, had already confirmed that Shang Mo knew that she was Rong Mo. However, Shang Mo held a confused expression on his face and asked her in a faint voice, “What do you mean by I know and still.. still what? What do you mean by what am I trying to do? Aren’t we just having a blind date?”

Mo Feifei remained silent as she turned speechless from his words.

That’s right, they were just having a blind date.

However, this blind date play turned from a life movie to a horror film and finally into a mystery film. It was very bewildering.

“I just hope that we can get along with each other well.” Shang Mo gave a faint smile. His smile looked very warm and sweet like honey but steady at the same time, looking very much like a gentleman.

However, she could never forget that he had two sides. With his glasses, he had one side. Without his glasses, he turned into another person, as though he had a personality disorder.

“I didn’t know that I would be meeting you today.” If she had known it was him, she definitely wouldn’t come. Mo Feifei remained silent for a while before saying, “I came to the blind date today because I didn’t want Grandpa to be worried for me.”

She had made her words very clear—After the meal, it would be better to not contact each other ever again.

Shang Mo gave a small yet complicated smile. His lips curled up into such a degree that it was hard to predict his intentions. “But not for me.”

At this moment, the suite door was opened and a waiter walked in with a rose before walking towards Mo Feifei. “Miss Mo, this is your rose.”

Mo Feifei was very surprised when she received the rose. She looked at Shi Guang with a look of utter shock.

The only people who knew that she was here were Granny, Qian Xun and her. They would definitely not tell a second person about this and yet the rose could still be sent here. It was definitely the doings of Shang Mo.

One look and a gentle smell, Mo Feifei could recognize that the roses that she received for the past few days were sent by Shang Mo.

She looked at Shang Mo, testing and examining him. “The flowers were sent by you.”

Shang Mo nodded his head slightly. His cold gaze had a hint of gentleness. “You’ve found out.”

Mo Feifei didn’t know what to feel at the moment. “What are you trying to do?”

His slightly curled up lips couldn’t tell the hidden meaning behind his smile. Mo Feifei could only hear Shang Mo saying every single word with such seriousness and attentiveness. “Woo you!”