His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1169 - Uncontrollably thinking about Mo Feifei (9)

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Chapter 1169: Uncontrollably thinking about Mo Feifei (9)

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After the New Year, she would be 25 years old. Blind dates were fine, but little auntie was older than her. So, why didn’t they arrange a blind date for her?

Little did she know, the old man already matched Lu Yanzhi and Qianxun together. So, why would he still arrange blind dates for Su Qianxun?

In her case, a long period of time had separated them both, and so the old man wanted to reconcile. Moreover, even after being asleep for many years, he always thought of her and even cherished her. Hence, he hoped that in the years to come, he could arrange the best life for her.

Mo Feifei gave grandma a call. Both grandma and little auntie agreed with the idea of blind dates.

Nobody in the house stood on her side.

Blind dates. Even if she disagreed, she still would have to agree.

Afraid that she would back out, Old Man Su specifically ordered Su Qianxun to give Mo Feifei a good dress up.

The blind date was in the afternoon. In the early morning, Su Qianxun came to find her and brought her to pick clothes suitable for the blind date. The get-up she chose made her look intellectual and elegant at the same time.

But it carried a sense of school life—fresh and bright.

Mo Feifei was neither too conflicted nor too hesitant. She thought that if she had to go, then she should go. As they said, she should just treat it as a normal way to socialize or a new way to find inspiration for her art.

The attendant brought Mo Feifei to the arranged private room. The other party had already arrived and sat with his back facing her.

When she entered, she immediately called out, “Hello, I am Mo Feifei. Sorry to have kept you waiting.”

At that moment, she realized that she did not know the man’s name. They were too engrossed in telling her about how impressive the man’s family background was, and how he was older than her by four to five years. They were very suitable in terms of age and even said that his looks were handsome too.

Hearing her voice, the man rose to his tall height. The bright lights in the private room shone onto his head, forming a long and thin shadow. He wore a black shirt and long pants, and he looked charming and handsome.

As he turned his head around, it revealed a handsome and cold face. Mo Feifei was shocked and froze.

It was rare to see an extreme mood swing from her. She was stunned at first, but in the next moment, she came back to her senses and pulled a natural smile. “It looks like I have entered the wrong room.”

No matter how it was, her blind date partner would never be Shang Mo.

She was already prepared to leave, but when she turned around, Shang Mo’s voice rang behind her. “You did not enter the wrong room.”

Mo Feifei’s footsteps stopped immediately.

She turned her head in shock and saw Shang Mo talking to her with a serious face on. “Your blind date partner is me. Sit.”

Mo Feifei’s face looked as though she was struck by lightning.

What was this man doing? She was totally confused by then. First, he was oddly present wherever she was usually at, and now, he was her blind date partner?

Did he really want to be with her? However, before, he cared too little about her wishes and even came on too strong. He even said that he wanted her and no one else.

In contrast to Mo Feifei’s extremely fast mood change, Shang Mo was calm.

He took up the food menu and even chuckled out. “I saw that you liked to eat crabs before. Then again, crabs are cold food so you should eat less of it.”

“Anything is fine.” Mo Feifei’s heart dropped. He still suspected in the end? If not, why would he mention crabs out of nowhere?

“What type of food do Miss Mo like?”

“Anything is fine.”

“Then, let’s order something simple.”

“Anything is fine.”

No matter what Shang Mo said, Mo Feifei simply replied with three words. Regardless of what she said, her words sounded mechanized.

After the waiter left, the private room turned silent. Even when the waiter had already finished serving the dishes, the two of them still had not spoken a word. They were quite similar to two strangers having a blind date—awkward and stiff.