His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1164 - Uncontrollably thinking about Mo Feifei (4)

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Chapter 1164: Uncontrollably thinking about Mo Feifei (4)

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That day, the weather was very cold and it snowed heavily too. The cold wind was very appalling.

After Mo Feifei got an allergy, she had not stepped out of her house for two days and the red spots on her body were getting better. However, her face was still very unsightly.

The person who ate a meal with Shang Mo was a totally different person from Rong Mo.

She believed that when Shang Mo confirmed that she was not Rong Mo and swatted her hand away before leaving with an ugly face, he should not find her again in the future.

However, would he find her to become Rong Mo’s substitute?

She thought he would probably not do that!

She recalled that when she first came into the Shang Family, Granny said that their names sounded similar as both of their names end with the word ‘mo.’ So, in the future, if Shang Mo isn’t around, she wouldn’t miss him as much and would just treat Rong Mo as her grandson.

As Granny was still there, he didn’t want to say anything.

At that time, she instinctively glanced at Shang Mo. And up until today, she could still remember his sharpened gaze—he seemed smiling but at the same time, he wasn’t. He even said to Granny, “I am happy that there’s someone to accompany you now.”

However, when she heard it, it looked as if he was saying ‘I am happy you found a new pet.’ When they met eyes, he didn’t seem to take her seriously.

After Granny left, he even warned her that he hated substitute toys the most. If she cannot coax Granny well and made Granny angry or sad, he would throw her out of the house!

At that moment, she was stunned for a long time.

It was also because of that, every time she met Shang Mo, she was very careful around him.

At that moment, she couldn’t remember anything and was very helpless. Although she was thankful for the help Granny Shang gave her, facing Shang Mo—who was always monitoring her, guarding against her, and threatening her—she didn’t like him one bit.

She also remembered clearly that Shang Mo disliked her a lot. Yet, even if he had stopped disliking her, she on the other hand still didn’t like him.

She didn’t know when his attitude towards change.

When it was noon, Su Qianxun came to visit Mo Feifei.

It was also then that Mo Feifei received a call from the School of Design. Even if Mo Feifei rejected, again and again, the School of Design still called her persistently. She could only blame Shang Mo’s project which was too important to them!

“You’ve lost your new job again?” Su Qianxun chuckled, looking as if she knew it was going to happen again.

“What do you mean by again?” Mo Feifei held a helpless expression. “This is my first time getting a job. It is normal to fail.”

“I think you should give up being a designer. You have talent in acting, you should just stick to acting!” said Su Qianxun in a serious tone.

“I don’t have a habit of exercising, I have poor body coordination and poor stamina. Acting looks easy and many people think it’s a piece of cake, however, it is actually really tough. Those normal common dramas are still okay, but other kinds of dramas really require a large part of your energy and stamina.”

“You can train your body. Shi Guang said that you shouldn’t stay at home all day. You should have at least more exposure to the outside world. How about you come back to acting? Our drama is going to start filming soon, and the news about you on the internet are just a few. Besides, you did not tell the public that you were a male, the public had guessed everything instead. The prince role you acted can totally be a female cosplayed as a male.”

Su Qianxun was not aware of the situation between Mo Feifei and Shang Mo. She only knew that she wanted to make Rong Mo disappear.

However, Su Qianxun was against it, she liked Rong Mo a lot and liked filming with her, despite their current relationship.