His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1163 - Uncontrollably thinking about Mo Feifei (3)

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Chapter 1163: Uncontrollably thinking about Mo Feifei (3)

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“Tell me about it later.” Right now, all Shang Mo wanted to do was to find Mo Feifei and clarify the situation with her.

He opened the car door and got off with Big Mountain doing the same. “Mr. Shang.”

Shang Mo glanced at him and saw a worried look on his rough face. He then turned around to face him. “What is it?”

Big Mountain took a deep breath. “On that night, you drank a lot of alcohol. When we were going back, Rong Mo was…”

Talking until that point, he raised his head to look at Shang Mo. After hearing those words, Shang Mo’s expression immediately darkened. He looked as cold as ice coupled with his deep gaze. Big Mountain suddenly feared for his life as if it was almost the end of the world. He then lowered his head slightly. “The hangover soup… was cooked by Rong Mo…”

Shang Mo listened in silence as scenes from that night flashed through his mind.

Rong Mo was helping Big Mountain to support him back to his bedroom. He was lying on Rong Mo’s thigh while Rong Mo cleaned his face for him and massaged his temples.

She even made hangover soup for him. When it was served, he had already finished bathing. She tried to take the wine glass from him but he avoided her. However, because the action was too immense, some wine spilled from the glass and dyed the clean white bedsheet red.

It was also because of the wine that he thought that it could be a dream…

She turned around to leave however was stopped as he hooked her waist with his hands.

He pushed her against the wall and held her chin. “Didn’t you say that you like guys? How about we try it out?” asked Shang Mo.

Rong Mo rejected, “No, not at all nor do I like being with other men. I don’t think you do either. You’re just drunk right now and don’t know what you’re doing. How about this, let me go first and you can head to bed. We’ll discuss this after you wake up?”

However, he said, “Never mind. As long as I like you, that’ll do.”

He then kissed her lips and pushed her down the bed. He didn’t care and took her forcefully…

His pent up anger immediately disappeared and an uncomfortable feeling arose in his heart.

“…At that time, I thought Rong Mo would never come back again… It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have kept Mr. Shang in the dark.”

Shang Mo’s expression and eyes turned sharp. He looked at Big Mountain with a cold gleam in his eyes before kicking him. Big Mountain was such a big and muscular man and yet Shang Mo’s kick caused him to fall. He even rolled two times on the ground. The kick Shang Mo gave him was very strong.

He didn’t go up the door to find Mo Feifei anymore, instead, he sat on the car and drove off with speed.

Shang Mo had to admit that the moment he knew that Mo Feifei was Rong Mo, his heart was filled with the feeling of betrayal and anger. He was angry at her heartlessness and hated her unloyalty.

He wanted to rap a lot of questions to her. Why did she have to make Rong Mo disappear and let those who care for her get sad and worried?

Yes, he couldn’t understand her.

He never once thought that there was anyone who treated her badly.

It was until Big Mountain told him everything that he had a major change of heart. He analyzed Big Mountain’s words again and again and suddenly understood why she wanted to make ‘Rong Mo’ disappear.

Behind this understanding, he felt his whole back turning cold.

If what happened that night wasn’t a dream and because he did it with her by force, she might have felt very furious at that time. He might have disgusted her and thus causing her to dislike him. It would be understandable as to why she disappeared.

She hated him to the guts!

If he still dared to appear at her door, she would definitely hate him and even escape from him, never allowing herself to appear in his life again.

Shang Mo felt very anxious and terrible. He stepped onto the car accelerator and the speed of the car almost rose to a speed of 200 km/hr. It was as if only by doing this, he could then calm down and think about how he could solve the situation between him Rong Mo.