His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1162 - Uncontrollably thinking about Mo Feifei (2)

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Chapter 1162: Uncontrollably thinking about Mo Feifei (2)

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After Big Mountain answered the call, he tilted his head to face Shang Mo and said, “I have sent someone to go to the hospital and investigate. Miss Mo is indeed having an allergic reaction.”

Shang Mo curled his lips. It was the same as he thought.

Today, Mo Feifei and Rong Mo were two different people. However, Mo Feifei was so similar to Rong Mo before. Then, why was the difference between the before and after so immense? It was obvious that she purposely differentiated Mo Feifei from Rong Mo.

Big Mountain said, “I’ve got Miss Mo’s blood sample from the hospital. We can do the test now.”

“Give me the test report as soon as possible.”

After that, he did not receive Big Mountain’s reply. He looked at Big Mountain and saw his conflicted expression. He asked, “Is there a problem?”

Big Mountain came back to his senses and looked at Shang Mo. “Mr. Shang, are you suspecting that Miss Mo is Rong Mo?”

He stammered and spilled the suspicion he kept in his heart.

If he was not suspicious, he would not investigate Mo Feifei to the point that he’d take Mo Feifei’s blood sample to compare it with Rong Mo.

“When you first saw her, didn’t you think that both of them could be the same person?”

Big Mountain truly had not thought through some things that much. He only thought that both of them looked alike. Since they were both a man and a woman respectively, who would have thought that way?

If Miss Mo was Rong Mo, then shouldn’t he explain the incident that happened when Rong Mo was at home?

The process of waiting for the identification test results was very worrisome.

Luckily, the blood test to identify if both blood samples belonged to the same person only needed one hour.

Seated in his car, Shang Mo leaned back and closed his eyes to meditate. In the front, Big Mountain was very conflicted and his face was ugly.

‘Ding Dong.’ The phone rang. Big Mountain looked at the test result and was astounded. His jaws gaping. Shang Mo asked him, “How was it?”

Big Mountain stuttered, “Miss Mo… is Rong Mo.”

Shang Mo smirked and laughed! His once heavy heart, which was in suspension, immediately received relief and stability.

Although he had his suspicions and was even sure of it, the result was still shocking to him.

After his shock, he was furious.

Though he could not deny that when he knew Rong Mo was still alive and that he was a woman, he was very happy.

However, in that brief moment, his furious feelings washed through him and drowned him.

Was she not treated well in the Shang Family?

Did he treat her badly?

Did grandma treat her badly?

How could she use the kidnapping incident and make ‘Rong Mo’ disappear? What did she think of the Shang family?

If it wasn’t for her face that looked too similar or their coincidental meetings, he would still have been trying to find Rong Mo in the sea.

How could she be so heartless?!

The more he thought about it, the more he got angry. His heart was cold like ice—furious and disappointed.

Previously, he thought that she was an innocent brother. His heart wavered so much that he suspected that he had an illness, that he actually had feelings for a man. He even came to the conclusion that regardless if he was a man or a woman, he would only want her.

In the end, it was only his wishful thinking.

Anger, bitterness, disappointment, heart-wrenching… There was a myriad of feelings. Shang Mo slightly closed his eyes to cover the confusing feelings that showed in his eyes.

After a moment, his hand clenched into a fist. He opened his eyes and was prepared to open the car door. He wanted to ask her how she could be so heartless.

His hand had just touched the car door handle when Big Mountain’s voice rung. His conflicted face was filled with apology. “Mr. Shang, I have something to tell you.”