His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1159 - Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (29)

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Chapter 1159: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (29)

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“There is a seafood restaurant ahead and I heard that it’s not bad.” His words meant that if Mo Feifei wanted to thank him, she should treat him to a meal.

Shang Mo’s kindness had overwhelmed Mo Feifei.

Could she reject him?

The answer was no!

She wanted to drag this out for as long as possible… however, she wasn’t able to. Just when she was about to speak, Shang Mo raised his eyebrows and asked, “Why? Was my request a bit overboard?”

His overbearing voice had a hint of displeasure. The question he asked was ‘Was my request a bit overboard?’ However, Mo Feifei heard it as ‘You dare to reject me?’

Mo Feifei immediately shook her head. “Of course not!?”

It was normal to treat a person to a meal as a form of gratitude.

However, her whole head was in a mess and she thought with her last remaining trace of consciousness that Shang Mo had suspected her. Even from the time she walked in, he was already testing her.

However, she knew that it would only be a matter of time until he found out the truth.

As long as she crossed paths with Shang Mo, even just the simple resemblance between Rong Mo and her, it would definitely make him suspicious of her.

During the meal, there was a brief period in which both were very quiet since no one said a single word. This continued until Mo Feifei’s phone rang and she took out her phone out of habit. It was a photo sent by her younger sister.

Shi Guang, who was having a honeymoon, would always send her a photo whenever she went to a new place.

Shang Mo took a glance and his line of sight slowly landed on her. “You know Shi Guang?” said Shang Mo indifferently.

Mo Feifei froze upon the mention of Shi Guang, and she simply replied with a faint ‘hmm.’

“I saw it by accident,” said Shang Mo, referring to himself looking at the message on her phone by accident.

Mo Feifei: “…”

This wasn’t something impolite, however, why did it feel so natural for Shang Mo to say it?

“How did you two meet each other?” asked Shang Mo again.

“She is my younger sister…” It was natural for them to know each other, but she didn’t know why she felt guilty about that. That unknown feeling of guilt caused her fist, which was placed at her side, to slowly clench into a ball.

“Your younger sister? Isn’t your surname Mo? How could you be Shi Guang’s older sister?” Shang Mo continued asking in a weird tone of voice.

Although he was just casually asking, Mo Feifei surprisingly realized that Shang Mo knew Shi Guang very well.

If that was the case, he must have done an extensive background check on Shi Guang.

How could he have not known that Shi Guang’s older sister had a different surname from her? Wasn’t he asking the obvious?

Mo Feifei felt her muscles tense up, even her nerves also felt tensed up.

She explained, “In many families who have two kids, one kid has to follow their mother’s surname and another kid has to follow their father’s surname.”

Shang Mo looked at her with deep eyes. “This is really the first time I have heard about it, and it is also the first time I have met two seemingly imaginary people in this world.”

“Oh~ like me?” Mo Feifei pretended to be surprised and said it. However, she regretted it right after that. Why did she have to change the topic to herself? She felt as if she deserved it.

Shang Mo looked at her and hesitated before saying in a deep voice, “Yes, just like you, just that one of you is a woman and the other is a woman.”

Mo Feifei: “…”

Didn’t he already know that Rong Mo was a woman? Could it be that he had forgotten whatever happened that night since he was passed out drunk?

His words made Mo Feifei felt lucky and fortunate. Now that Rong Mo and she had a different gender, Shang Mo would find it harder to recognize Mo Feifei.

However, she still felt a little unhappy. Every woman should be able to empathize with her. After all, the man who slept with her did not remember what he did to her the previous night. And so, it was a given that Mo Feifei would feel unhappy.