His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1158 - Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (28)

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Chapter 1158: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (28)

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If it was possible, Mo Feifei would rather not get into the car.

She remembered when she first came into the Shang Family, Shang Mo told Big Mountain to call her because he suspected that she was an illegitimate son. Hence, he asked her out for a simple ‘conversation’.

On the surface, it looked like a conversation but it was actually a threat and probing session.

Since he did not want Granny to find out, they left together. But while they were talking, Rong Mo already wanted to leave on her own.

It was mainly because she felt uncomfortable after hearing what Shang Mo had said to her.

However, at that time, to not let Granny grow suspicious, Shang Mo had asked Big Mountain to invite her into the car. Unfortunately, she rejected and randomly found an excuse that she wanted to go out to get something.

Yet, Big Mountain told her that Shang Mo didn’t like people rejecting him.

At that very moment, she thought she had transported back into the past and met an emperor. Shang Mo didn’t like being rejected and didn’t allow people to reject him. If he was not an emperor, what was he?

They were very quiet in the car. After Mo Feifei got in, Shang Mo didn’t talk to her and only looked at the scenery through the window.

The atmosphere in the room was very still and even a little mysterious.

After the car drove past a certain road, Mo Feifei flashed a faint smile before looking at Shang Mo and politely said, “Thank you so much for just now at the School of Design.”

Regardless of Shang Mo’s motive for asking her to get in his car—whether he was suspicious of her being Rong Mo—if it wasn’t for Shang Mo today she wouldn’t have left the school in such high spirits even if she still would have left the School of Design either way.

Hearing it, Shang Mo’s eyes landed on her with his eyes darting up and down to look at her. When he saw her waist-length long hair, he had a feeling that she was wearing a wig.

His eyes were cold and were as deep as a sea with no bottom. It felt calm and still, but there seems to be a storm hidden behind those eyes.

“I hate people saying thank you to me. If you want to thank me, do something practical.”

Mo Feifei: “…”

How could she have forgotten that Shang Mo loved people asking him how to thank him instead of thanking him through words!

Shang Mo raised his eyebrows and his eyes turned more unpredictable. “There used to be a person who thanked me for so many times, yet has never really genuinely thanked me for once!”

Mo Feifei looked at his deep black eyes.

His eyes were filled with his uncontrollable feelings. After knowing him for so long, Mo Feifei knew that it meant something.

Mo Feifei’s heart skipped a beat.

She smiled and yawned. “Perhaps he had forgotten about it and will repay you back later.”

Hmph!” A simple word spoken in that tone sounded like he had never-ending resentments.

She didn’t know why but she had a gut feeling that he was talking about her. However, looking at… Mo Feifei and Shang Mo’s relationship, two unrelated people, resentment would be too strong a word to use, wouldn’t it?

She felt very uncomfortable as if her body was bounded by something. With her two fists clenched tightly, she sat upright out of instinct. She then looked at the elegant man beside her and smiled.

She didn’t wish to continue on with this topic and looked outside the window. She just saw the road when she heard Shang Mo say, “Drive past the bridge ahead and stop at the shopping mall on the left…”

Mo Feifei wanted to say thank you again, however, when she thought about the conversation they had earlier on, she stopped herself from saying it.

Shang Mo’s lips curled upwards into a smile. “Why? Does Miss Mo want to be like that person and be someone who only knows how to say thank you?”

“Of course not, it is just that you did not tell me how to thank you.” Meeting Shang Mo in her present life was torture. It was probably because she had owed him a lot of debt in her previous life.