His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1157 - Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (27)

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Chapter 1157: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (27)

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“Feifei, I know that you are very angry right now. A girl that is as beautiful and outstanding as you would not lack pursuers. I’m neither the first nor the last, but I can confidently say that no one will like you more than me!”

Mo Feifei sarcastically smirked. “…I really did not think that you were a sentimental person. Giving a simple example, when one raises a cat or dog, they will grow feelings for it. What more if it was a person? You and Li Meihua were together for more than three years. Even if both of you have broken up, you are still colleagues and there are still feelings involved. But other than blaming her and feeling angry, you did not think that you were in the wrong at all.”

“Yes, I was in the wrong. It was my fault. I did not handle the situation properly, and thus she had the chance to give you a hard time. However…” His expression was filled with guilt and concern. “However, the reason she acted the way she did was that I liked you.”

Even at that moment, he had not forgotten a loving confession.

Mo Feifei’s face turned colder and colder…

Seeing that Mo Feifei was silent, Chen Xinian thought that his words melted her heart and continued to say, “I promise you that I will definitely take good care of you in the future and not let you experience this situation again. Be with me, Feifei.”

Mo Feifei’s face turned totally cold. Chen Xinian definitely had a delusional disorder! Which event made him believe that she liked him?

It can’t be that he was dumb!

“You should be glad that there are no wine today. If not, you would turn out just like the day at the banquet!” Mo Feifei laughed casually, but her voice was filled with a coldness that was never heard before.

With that, she pushed Chen Xinian away, whose face had turned green, and then left.

In the corridor, she saw the panicked President whose face had become as white as a sheet. The President hurriedly went to her and blocked her way. He had a face that screamed, “Help!”

“Miss Mo, please don’t leave. It was entirely our fault this time. No matter what, you have to forgive us and stay in our design institute…”

When Shang Mo had left earlier, although he did not say it directly, the meaning of his words was very clear.

If he couldn’t make Mo Feifei stay then he should stop dreaming about any collaboration with the Shang Corporation!

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Mo Feifei wanted to reject immediately, but she then thought that if she rejected him now, they would definitely pester her until there was no tomorrow.

This was so irritating!

Hence, she said, “President, I’m very tired today. I will consider your offer.”

“Okay, think about it. Think about it.” As long as she did not outright reject his offer, all was well. He thought that the rejection earlier was only to raise her value. She was a great talent and if she wanted to raise the price then he would raise it for her!

Mo Feifei walked out of the design institute. It was snowing heavily outside, the white snow fell one after another and danced in many forms as it hovered in the air before dropping down.

She wrapped herself in a large coat. As her body was afraid of the cold, she shrank her body and prepared to flag a taxi in the front.

Right at that moment, a black car stopped at her side.

All of a sudden, a black car stopped beside her. A man wearing a black suit got down the car. He called out with a congratulatory tone, “Miss Mo.”

Big Mountain. Mo Feifei froze momentarily before instinctively taking a step back.

However, Big Mountain opened the car door beside the driver’s seat. “Please come in, Mr. Shang would like to talk to you.”

Although a welcome was said, there was already no chance for rejection.

Mo Feifei did not want to get in the car but Big Mountain had already done a gesture of invitation to her.

She tossed a glance at the slightly opened backdoor and saw Shang Mo sitting there. She then bent down her head and sat in the car.

Damn it! She still had to go after all!