His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1155 - Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (25)

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Chapter 1155: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (25)

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Under normal circumstances, if someone knew that they had been set up, shouldn’t they feel angry or enraged? Wouldn’t they lose control and want to tear the other party apart?

But why was Mo Feifei being calm? Other than that outburst she had when Shang Mo entered, Mo Feifei remained very calm for the rest of the time.

Not to mention, the person Mo Feifei was talking to was Li Meihua.

She didn’t seem to want to argue with her, but rather make peace with her?

Was she teasing her by raising her eyebrows and lifting her chin?

Li Meihua became stunned for a while before finally realizing what Mo Feifei did. She immediately took two steps back while looking at her with a look of warning on her face.

Mo Feifei chuckled indifferently. “Was it worth it doing all of this? I have always thought that we had no grudges between us. We have only met each other a few times and yet you made me perform, spiked my drink, and even accused me of plagiarising. Your actions make me feel very troubled. If all of this was because of President Chen, I’ll tell you now that I don’t like President Chen at all. I could even have a little bit of dislike towards him!”

Once Chen Xinian heard her piece, his facial expression immediately turned sour.

He opened his mouth to say something but decided against it. He could only give Li Meihua a harsh glare.

Upon seeing the situation before him, Shang Mo raised his eyebrows in interest.

He side glanced Chen Xinian and gave a sarcastic snicker, looking very satisfied with the situation.

“If a man refuses to admit that you were once his woman and even treats you like a stranger after breaking up—and he wants to remove you from his life—then why should you do such extreme things for a man like that? Does your life only revolve around this man? How about your parents? Aren’t they important anymore? You look so pretty so you don’t have to be afraid of not being able to find a better man than him.”

Mo Feifei’s faint voice echoed in the background. Her voice was like a bucket of water pouring over Li Meihua’s head, immediately extinguishing her hatred and anger towards her. It even shocked her!

No matter how much she had mentally prepared herself, Li Meihua did not expect that Mo Feifei would say something of the likes to her.

However, she had to admit that Mo Feifei said her words well!

That’s right, she looked so pretty. Why must she make herself look so pathetic because of a man?

She was once the pride of her parents, and if her parents were to know of this, they would be heartbroken!

Perhaps it was because of Mo Feifei’s gentle voice or because of Chen Xinian’s heartlessness that made her fear, worry, and felt depressed. Suddenly, a voice asked her whether what she had done was worth it.

Mo Feifei’s words stunned Li Meihua and the latter broke down into tears.

“Li Meihua, you don’t have to come to work from tomorrow onwards,” said the President in anger.

Li Meihua widened her eyes in shock and looked towards the president with teary eyes. “President, please give me another chance.”

“Not a single word. Go to the human resource department yourself otherwise, things would get ugly if I were to do it myself,” expressed the President heartlessly.

“I have learned my lesson, can’t you forgive me?” Li Meihua did not give up and looked at Mo Feifei.

“No, only when the person in the wrong took responsibility for his or her actions, would they remember and learn from their lesson.” Mo Feifei stared back at Li Meihua with a blank expression. Her eyes even looked a little cold and distant.

She was not a samaritan. To a person who tried to embarrass her many times, she could not act as if nothing happened.