His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1154 - Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (24)

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Chapter 1154: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (24)

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After all, the biggest asset of the School of Design was fashion designers.

However, they did not know better. Instead of thinking of ways to attract talents into the school, they chased away a talented designer employed by the school.

What was the use of having a School of Design then?

This was equivalent to a city with no citizens, only existing to be neglected!!

“It’s… not how it looks.” At this point in time, Li Meihua was completely flustered and panic-stricken. “I wasn’t trying to harm her, I was just…” explained Li Meihua in a hurry.

“Enough!” The President was so angry that he was seeing red. He berated, “Overboard, this has gone overboard!”

He almost threw a fit. This idiot almost caused the School of Design to become a laughing matter.

Chen Xinian’s facial expression darkened as he walked towards Li Meihua step by step. Without a word, he raised his hand and it soon landed on Li Meihua’s face with a ‘piak’ sound.

Li Meihua was dumbfounded and her head turned to the side after the slap. She touched her cheek and looked at Chen Xinian with red eyes. She looked really pathetic at that moment.

That slap ignited a fire in Li Meihua’s heart and she couldn’t control her anger anymore. She growled, “Yes, I did it. Why did I do it? It was all because of you! Three years, we have been together for three years and yet you left me for this woman.”

“Before Feifei even appeared, we had already broken up,” said Chen Xinian coldly.

“But it was just an argument at that time. I broke off with you in a fit of pique. You would always coax me after every argument, but why didn’t you coax me this time?” Li Meihua was going crazy from this man’s heartlessness.

She raised her hand and pointed at Mo Feifei. “It was all because of her! She doesn’t like you! So, why do you have to like her? I loved you so much and yet you harmed me without single remorse! Do you even have a heart?”

Li Meihua screamed at the top of her voice and looked at Chen Xinian with heavy breaths.

However, Chen Xinian remained cold and indifferent.

Chen Xinian emphasized every word. “Stop denying. You did all of this for yourself. Why do you have to make yourself sound good? Li Meihua, you are so disgusting so stop harming people in the name of love and push all the blame to me!”

His cold glare was like an icy arrow that passed through Li Meihua’s heart. Just like that, tears flowed down Li Meihua’s cheeks.

Mo Feifei walked towards Li Meihua in big strides.

Li Meihua got a little scared and took a step back, and her action made Mo Feifei take another step forward. Li Meihua felt like a prey that a hunter had cornered, and since Mo Feifei was much taller than her, she felt that the woman exudes an imposing demeanor. When she saw how Mo Feifei had raised her hand, she instinctively screamed.


Mo Feifei’s hand fixed the hair on the side of her own face and nonchalantly took a step back upon seeing Li Meihua’s reaction.

Although she did not say a single word, Mo Feifei’s blank expression was enough to pressure Li Meihua.

Li Meihua glared at Mo Feifei. “What do you want?”

“I don’t want anything. I just want to ask you a few questions.” Mo Feifei’s tone was as gentle as the gentlest wind in spring blowing gently against Li Meihua’s heart.

Li Meihua did not see it coming. Under normal circumstances, if someone knew that they had been set up, shouldn’t they feel angry or enraged…?