His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1152 - Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (22)

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Chapter 1152: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (22)

Moreover, the design institute had nothing to gain by pushing the blame to Mo Feifei.

Instead, it would be a terrible loss for the design institute if Mo Feifei was really wronged.

After much consideration, the President decided to let both designers discuss their artworks. If both of them really confirmed that Mo Feifei had plagiarized North of Chengnan’s artwork, then he would push all the blame to Mo Feifei.

After hearing the President’s decision, Li Meihua gripped her hand tightly. Her heart was filled with nothing but bloodthirsty jealousy.

Didn’t Shang Mo first meet Mo Feifei during the banquet?

That day in the washroom, both of them were obviously not familiar with each other. Could it be that when she left, Mo Feifei really seduced Shang Mo? If not, why did Shang Mo help her?

She really was a green tea bitch!!

When the two artworks were placed in front of their faces, North Of Chengnan momentarily froze and felt that something was wrong.

At this moment, the President hurried him to explain his artwork.

He froze for a moment before saying, “This art piece used the concept of the Penrose Staircase. The Penrose Staircase once appeared in a lucid dream in a movie called”Inception”. It was a weird staircase that had four blocks of staircases. The four ends were connected and became an infinite loop. Hence, I thought of that universe and I added its elements to my artwork.”

After hearing his words, Mo Feifei clapped. “It is a great design.”

Her words were soft and sweet—confident.

North of Chengnan’s expression remained cold and looked at Mo Feifei who remained quiet. “…”

“The universe was just a beautiful dream to us, humans. The knowledge we have of the galaxy originated from the pictures in books. The universe has a hierarchy, many physical forms and is continuously developing in the celestial system. The earth, moon, and the galaxy are all part of the universe. The universe is a generalized name for many objects. The artwork I passed up was a part of the universe. The galaxy in the universe was built on by joining the stars in the sky which extended to form a galaxy. You only drew an imagination of the Penrose Staircase while I drew an entire series of the galaxy.”

Mo Feifei observed the two works carefully and looked at the North of Chengnan. “What I want to say is both of our artworks looked roughly similar but in reality, it is two different pieces of art.”

As she spoke, Mo Feifei pointed at a section of the picture and said, “Look over here, our shapes are both a semi-circle, but if you take a closer look, there is a difference. First, my left side has an arc and a hollow design but your artwork has an upward rhythm to reflect the staircase.”

As he observed the differences between the two artworks, a trace of surprise slid by North of Chengnan’s eyes.

He furrowed his brows and thought for a while.

Li Meihua could not believe it. As though she was struck by a big blow, Li Meihua’s entire body convulsed and started shivering from her fingertips before spreading out to her whole body.

How could this be? Both of the artworks were clearly alike! Could it be that Mo Feifei could turn a lie into the truth?

“I didn’t notice that there was a difference. When I looked at it, it looked the same…” Li Meihua’s heart was filled with anger yet her face showed a smile. She looked confused and innocent.

North of Chengnan took out his phone and browsed through his chat log. “Why is it different?” he muttered.

At his side, Mo Feifei took a glance. “The corner of the picture was clearly photoshopped away. It was obvious that this person purposely misled you!”

North of Chengnan immediately glared at Li Meihua!