His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1150 - Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (20)

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Chapter 1150: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (20)

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She did not plagiarize her work and thus, Mo Feifei would not admit it. She did not shy away from their stares and even looked magnanimous. Her expression was natural and it had no sense of guilt.

“If you didn’t plagiarize my work, then why do our works look similar? If you showed our work to anyone, they would be able to tell that both look very similar. You obviously just added a few touches to my work! I can’t believe you said you didn’t plagiarize! How hilarious is it?”

North of Chengnan coldly said, “This design institute is considered famous in this city. If this incident was to be made known to the public, I would like to see if this institute of yours would still prevail in this industry.”

Mo Feifei kept a calm demeanor and looked unnerved.

She looked towards the president and said, “President, I have not seen the original work that I allegedly plagiarized. Could you take out the two pieces of work for comparison to see which part had I plagiarized? Also, we need to analyze and discuss.”

The president always had a good impression of Mo Feifei and agreed to her request.

North of Chengnan laughed and there was a slight chill to it. “What do you mean by different design concepts? This is obviously a sure bet, a shoo-in! And you still dared to deny!”

“She’s right! We must understand the concept of the design of the other party to know if there was plagiarization or not. These two pieces of art are similar but if we take a closer look, they are two different designs,” Chen Xinian spoke.

As Li Meihua saw Chen Xinian help out Mo Feifei, she harshly gritted her teeth.

She could not understand Chen Xinian’s reason for helping out Mo Feifei. Initially, she did not want to participate in this matter, but jealousy swallowed up her rationality.

She could not help but blurt out. “Plagiarism is a very serious offense. Not only does it go against the rules of the competition, but it also affects the reputation of our design institute. If this were to be true, this horrible action of hers has to be punished.”

North of Chengnan looked at Li Meihua, a brief moment of suspicion glossed over his eyes but then returned back to normal.

Following up, he said to Mo Feifei, “This design institute goes too far in bullying! Her work was obviously designed by adding a few colors to mine. How is this different from plagiarism? I sincerely hope everyone can give me a reasonable explanation. I want this participant to sincerely apologize to me and pay me for my financial losses.”

He scoffed out coldly, “If you don’t give me an answer, then don’t blame me for turning nasty!”

“I think this matter has a great impact on our design institute. Our reputation is very important, hence we should handle it seriously and indicate that our design institute has no part in this!” Li Meihua told the President.

The president’s face turned sad.

He threw a cold glare at Mo Feifei. “I know young people nowadays are very anxious to succeed and are constantly finding shortcuts. But I thought you were different. I never thought that you would do this. I am so disappointed in you!!”

Before he could complete his words, a person hurriedly came in.

It was the President’s assistant. She walked to the president and whispered to him. The President’s face turned dark and immediately stood up.

At this moment, a tall silhouette stood at the meeting room’s entrance. The President immediately smiled and walked forward. “Mr. Shang. What are you doing here?”

Shang Mo calmly took a look at Mo Feifei. Despite the calm demeanor, his heart was racing.

The pores on his body were calling out and it took all of his energy to control himself from questioning Mo Feifei if she was Rong Mo.