His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1147 - Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (17)

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Chapter 1147: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (17)

Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo?

Shang Mo wasn’t sure about that. The incident that happened that night had him confused. Could it be that Rong Mo wasn’t human but a witch? A witch who was bisexual and could switch between Rong Mo and Mo Feifei?

Even if she was a witch, he had to investigate properly and get to the bottom of this as to whether Mo Feifei and Rong Mo were the same people.

At that moment, Shang Mo suddenly thought of his granny.

It was Granny who had brought Rong Mo to the Shang Family. Granny said that Rong Mo was her best friend’s grandchild, and so, she brought him back to help take care of him.

However, it was clear that Granny was lying.

It was all because Granny had Rong Mo’s identification and documents settled after he had come into the Shang Family.

Shang Mo was kept in the dark with regards to Rong Mo’s life before he came to the Shang Family. He didn’t even know which grandchild of Granny’s best friend Rong Mo belonged to. It was as if Rong Mo appeared from nowhere. He once thought that Rong Mo was his father’s illegitimate child thus put in great effort to check his background, but it was all in vain. Clearly, even Rong Mo’s name was fake.

Did Granny know about all this?

As for Rong Mo’s real identity, Granny should be aware of it, otherwise, she wouldn’t bring him back to the Shang Family.

After all, Granny was very sad to hear that Rong Mo left.

In the past, she used to think that her grandson could just find a random woman to marry as long as she gave birth to a child. However, once she finds out that Rong Mo is a woman, she would firmly believe that Rong Mo would be the best candidate to become her granddaughter-in-law.

Yet, who would have thought that Rong Mo would meet with an accident?

She refused to accept the truth and even fell ill due to her prolonged sadness.

She couldn’t believe that Rong Mo left just like that. She believed that on one fine day, Rong Mo would suddenly come back and appear smiling in front of her.

She was once hesitant on whether her grandson had feelings for Rong Mo, however, after the accident, she had her answer.

He didn’t just like her, he liked her very much. If not, Shang Mo wouldn’t have sent people to find Rong Mo in that big sea.

In just a short period of a month, he lost a lot of weight.

She even found out that Rong Mo’s true gender had kept her grandson in the dark and it made him regret that he was so hesitant about the latter’s sexuality. Because of this, he didn’t dare to confess his feelings to Rong Mo.

She was still thinking as to whether she should tell him the truth.

If she told her grandson Rong Mo’s real gender and Rong Mo never came back, this would be an even bigger blow to her grandson.

Hence, when her grandson had asked her about Rong Mo, she told him about how he had encountered him in the garden. The moment she saw her, she was then called Momo. It immediately made her think about her grandson who hadn’t been back for a long time, and because of that, she brought Rong Mo back home. After she brought him home, she realized that she liked this kid a lot and slowly treated him like her own.

As for Rong Mo’s gender, she didn’t mention it one bit.


Shang Mo thought that Mo in Momo wasn’t Rong Mo’s Mo but her surname, Mo from Mo Feifei.

So, was she Rong Mo?

That night, Shang Mo had a dream again. In his dream, he was hugging Rong Mo tightly and she was pressed against his entire chest. In his arms, Rong Mo was still a woman and she turned her head slightly before initiating a kiss. He kissed her back and both of them played with each other’s tongue and lips during the kiss. After that, he didn’t know how he went in but he knew that that moment felt very blissful. It felt so good that when he woke up and realized that it was just a dream, he wanted to remain in that dream forever and never wake up.

A repeated dream always felt unrealistic.

However, on that day, after he woke up from his drunken state, he felt that the dream was real.

Ever since Shang Mo woke up from his sleep with brows furrowed, he felt that his lips were very dry.