His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1146 - Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (16)

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Chapter 1146: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (16)

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He wasn’t an idiot. The moment Mo Feifei splashed the wine on him, he knew he was duped. However, it wasn’t entirely his fault, after all, any man who heard such rumors about the woman they like wouldn’t be able to stand it.

“Xinian, I can explain!”

“Shut your mouth!” berated Chen Xinian. He then continued on, threatening, “If I see you planning any of your little tricks again, you will get it from me!”

With that, he stomped away!

Shang Mo, who witnessed the scene from the side, smirked before chuckling in the background.

This was the first time he laughed since Rong Mo left…

It was a very ‘Rong Mo’ way of settling things. Mo Feifei… Rong Mo…

After that, Shang Mo left the banquet and told Big Mountain to do a background check on a lady named Mo Feifei.

When Big Mountain saw the resemblance between Rong Mo and Mo Feifei, he was shocked. How could they look so alike? For that one moment, he really thought that she was Rong Mo. However, Mo Feifei really existed in this world and her background was described in every detail.

He gave the documents to Shang Mo.

“Mr. Shang, this lady called Mo Feifei was a legendary figure ever since she was born. When she was in high school, she became famous through her art piece and thus was very popular in school. My investigations showed that she had so many trophies that she couldn’t carry them with her two hands!”

“Nan Ji was her nickname in the art industry. At that time, Nan Ji was looked upon by many in the art industry, however, she disappeared for many years and many had forgotten such a character. It was until recently that the internet trended an art piece called ‘time’ and that seemingly normal art piece was actually bid up to a price of 10 million dollars. It became a piece of hot news and Nan Ji was presented to the crowd once again. Many people have been asking who exactly was this talented lady named Nan Ji? Why did she disappear for so many years? Would she still release another art piece in the future?”

“However, it was not because she doesn’t wish to release an art piece but because she couldn’t. Seven years ago, due to school violence, she fell into mental distress. Because of that, her parents ended up in a car accident and had their lives mercilessly stolen from them. At that moment, she felt so guilty and wanted to commit suicide, however she failed and ended up in a vegetative state.”

“Was it during the period where Su Ya kidnapped Shi Guang?” asked Shang Mo with indifference in his tone of voice.

Big Mountain nodded. “Yes. Half a year ago, Mo Feifei underwent an operation and woke up. It was said that she was then sent overseas for treatment. However, in reality, that doesn’t seem to be the case. That’s because there were no records of Mo Feifei leaving the country. Even before Shi Guang’s wedding took place, there were no records of her returning back to the country.”

Shang Mo tapped the table with his finger in a rhythmic manner.

The time Mo Feifei recovered and left the country was the same period as when Rong Mo came to the Shang Family.

After Rong Mo drowned in the sea half a month ago, Mo Feifei came back from overseas…

Judging from the time… wasn’t it too much of a coincidence?!

Furthermore, Rong Mo and Shi Guang should be friends. Rong Mo even fell into the sea because she wanted to save Shi Guang.

However, Shi Guang did not seem sad at all and held her wedding as per normal. This matter made him feel very uncomfortable. He had a gut feeling that the woman named Shi Guang would not be so cold and heartless towards Rong Mo.

If Mo Feifei was Rong Mo, everything would make sense!

Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo?