His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1145 - Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (15)

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Chapter 1145: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (15)

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Mo Feifei did not understand what he meant and only noticed how Chen Xinian’s facial expression had softened. She patiently asked, “President Chen, what are you trying to say?”

Chen Xinian chuckled in disbelief. “Feifei, do you know the difference between a black card and a Centurion card?”

Mo Feifei was confused. “…?”

“The credit limit for a black card is one million dollars but the credit limit for a Centurion card is ten times more of that.” He couldn’t believe that Mo Feifei was a woman who would sleep with men just to get money. He couldn’t believe that he once admired her and thought she was a fine lady who knew how to cherish her own name.

“I see.” At that point in time, although Mo Feifei understood Chen Xinian’s words, she pretended to know nothing about it.

“Do you get me now?”

Mo Feifei’s expression immediately darkened. “President Chen, I still don’t understand. Is there any misunderstanding between us?”

“Huh? Misunderstanding?” Chen Xinian raised his eyebrows and couldn’t believe her words.

Mo Feifei wanted to continue, however, she was cut off by a woman’s voice. “Eh? Isn’t this Miss Mo? I thought you were with Mr. Shang just now and went to have some happy hour.”

Her words clearly meant something else. Mo Feifei looked at her before calmly saying, “Miss Li, what do you mean?”

Li Meihua saw that Mo Feifei seemed to have seen through her schemes and looked away in guilt. “I mean no harm, I mean we are all adults,” said Li Meihua and chuckled.

Chen Xinian had his eyes fixed on Mo Feifei as he hoped to get some kind of an explanation from her, but she didn’t say anything and only looked at them indifferently. It was as if it was normal to discuss money with another man.

He felt that he must have been blind to have liked Mo Feifei, and so, he started to despise her from the bottom of his heart. Hence, he straight up said his piece.

“State your price, you will accompany me tonight,” Chen Xinian snapped.

Mo Feifei’s face immediately turned hostile and cold.

Previously, she treated Chen Xinian with respect and was nice to him all because she looked upon him as a President and as well as being a successful designer.

But now, he actually went up to her and insulted her!

Mo Feifei walked up to the stage and took a glass of red wine from a table nearby. She then threw its content all over Chen Xinian.

After the red wine was splashed on him, Chen Xinian’s messy hairstyle—which was especially dolled up for the occasion—broke down. It made him look rather ridiculous.

The red wine partially dyed his white polo shirt red, and it made him look even more out of place.

Chen Xinian looked very pathetic—just like a drenched chicken.

Chen Xinian’s eyes widened in shock.

Li Meihua, who was beside him, screamed in shock as well.

When they came back to their senses, they saw Mo Feifei throwing away the tissue she used to clean her hands and left with elegant footsteps.

“Oh my goodness. She is too much! How could she do such a thing?” Li Meihua hurriedly took a tissue and reached out to help Chen Xinian clean up.

However, Chen Xinian swatted her hand away.

“Piak!” Chen Xinian’s hand landed on Li Meihua’s face and it produced a loud slap.

The slap was so harsh that it left Li Meihua’s face tilted to the side. There were even five red finger imprints left on her face.

Li Meihua touched her face as her eyes turned red. “Chen Xinian, how dare you hit me!”

Chen Xinian gave her a look of disgust. “Don’t think I didn’t know it was your plan all along!”