His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1142 - Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (12)

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Chapter 1142: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (12)

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Li Meihua thought Mo Feifei drank it and smirked as she looked at her leaving figure. Unexpectedly, when she turned around, she saw a man staring at her.

Shang Mo!

His deep eyes looked refreshing yet had a frightening murderous vibe to him. It was enough to make one shiver in fear.

Li Meihua couldn’t help but shiver, seemingly startled by his stare. ‘Did he saw me spiking the drink?’

Just as she was feeling unsure and confused, she saw the man walk in the direction where Mo Feifei left.

‘Could it be that the man liked Mo Feifei as well, and maybe wanted to take advantage of her after seeing me spike Mo Feifei’s drink? This is great!’

Mo Feifei came out from the washroom and placed her phone beside the basin and then washed her hands. She looked down and saw a pair of spotlessly clean leather shoes beside her.

The washstand was a public facility.

She did not give it much thought and instinctively looked upwards. As her eyes traveled up his long legs and slender waist, she thought that he was a tall man and should have a handsome face…

Suddenly, her body froze.

Shang Mo. Why was it Shang Mo?! What was he doing here? Was he here to find her on purpose? Could he have found out about her?

They stood very close to each other, and his haughty chin was drooped slightly. He exuded an oppressing aura as he coldly sized her up.

As Mo Feifei felt a little guilty and uncomfortable, she instinctively took two steps backward. Unexpectedly, her high heels twisted and she fell to the side.

Shang Mo immediately reached out and helped her.

With a gentle swoop, she was able to stand upright. However, as the action was rather big, she ended up in Shang Mo’s arms with both their bodies slightly touching.

Mo Feifei was scared out of her wits, and in that shocking moment, she didn’t know how to react.

Shang Mo pursed his lips and threw a sharp gaze at the woman in his arms. She had a distinct and yet pretty face, a tall and sharp nose, lips red as the rose, and skin white as snow.

She looked just like Rong Mo.

That was if she took off her glasses and cut her hair short.

She could have been Rong Mo…

Mo Feifei looked at his clearly defined and handsome face with close proximity and instinctively bit her lip. She would do this habit whenever she was nervous.

As he looked at her pearly white teeth leaving a dent on her lower lip, Shang Mo’s gaze darkened.

This was Rong Mo’s habit. He had once reprimanded him because of this actin, as he thought that only girls would do such. It would be too girly of him to bite his lip.

After that incident, he had stopped biting his lip. However, he would still do some feminine actions from time to time. He did not have the fortitude of a guy.

Mo Feifei looked at his cold squinted eyes observing her sharply. She suddenly felt that her heart had jumped out of her chest.

It was her fault.

She should not have done that action out of instinct. Shang Mo would definitely be suspicious of her.

“Mr. Shang. Thank you very much, but please let go of me!” She quickly regained her composure and stood steadily.

Shang Mo calmly looked down at her but did not let go of her in an instant. After a few seconds, under her tense and watchful gaze, Shang Mo lifted his pretty and slender fingers to take off her glasses.

Mo Feifei noticed his action and it had startled her. She immediately swatted his hand away and pushed him when he was taken off guard. “Mr. Shang, please control yourself!”