His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1141 - Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (11)

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Chapter 1141: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (11)

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Li Meihua froze and yet there was a fire building within her. Never did she thought that Mo Feifei would know how to play the piano, and she even played it so well.

She looked below the stage and saw the smile on Chen Xinian’s face. He looked at Mo Feifei with a gaze hot enough to melt a person.

Since when had he ever looked at her with such a look?

Right after, Mo Feifei finished her piano piece and stood up before saying, “I have finished my performance, thank you.”

The audience gave a round of applause.

When Mo Feifei came down the stage, many came to congratulate her. Even though she knew none of them, it still made her ecstatic.

Chen Xinian walked over with two glasses of red wine in his hands. “Congratulations, Feifei.”

He gave one of the glasses to Mo Feifei. “Let’s have a toast.”

Mo Feifei gave an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry, President Chen, but I can’t drink wine as I am allergic to alcohol.”

Little did he know, she was not really allergic to alcohol. She just didn’t want to drink it and even planned to leave quietly after the award ceremony.

When he heard that, Chen Xinian immediately put away the glass of wine and chuckled. “Then I will get you a beverage.”

With that, Chen Xinian walked to the beverage area.

Li Meihua walked to Chen Xinian’s side and pretended to be shocked before asking, “President Chen, you want to drink fruit juice?”

Chen Xinian gave her an icy look and replied with a simple ‘Hmm’ and his face was void of expression. He then remained quiet after.

Li Meihua saw that Chen Xinian was being stand-offish towards her and it made the tears well up in her eyes. With her voice filled with injustice, she softly muttered, “Xinian, what’s wrong with you? Why are you so cold towards me? Are you still angry about our argument the other day?”

“You think too much.” Chen Xinian looked cold and indifferent and he had said his piece in a nonchalant manner. He then took the fruit juice and walked towards Mo Feifei.

Li Meihua saw Chen Xinian passing the fruit juice to Mo Feifei. His gentle look, affectionate eyes, and even his gentlemanly gestures made her green with envy.

How could he have found a new love so quickly?!

When she first came into the school of design, Chen Xinian took initiative to woo her and said she was the only girl he has ever laid his eyes on. They were really happy together.

However, because of some matters at work, they have argued a few times and she initiated a break-up.

But she said all those in a fit of anger. It was all because she wanted him to coax her.

How could he not coax her and instead woo another woman?

On the stage just now, she purposely wanted Mo Feifei to make a show out of herself. Little did she know, she resolved it perfectly and let Chen Xinian develop a deeper liking towards her.

Li Meihua clenched her fists tightly, trying to contain her hate and anger within her!

‘No, I cannot watch Chen Xinian leave me just like that and go into the arms of another woman.’

Li Meihua’s eyes have never left Mo Feifei. When she saw Chen Xinian leaving Mo Feifei’s side, she immediately took two glasses of beverage and walked towards Mo Feifei. “Congratulations,” Li Meihua said and chuckled afterward.

“Thank you.”

“You played the piano really well. Did you learn it when you were young?” She gave the beverage to Mo Feifei.

Mo Feifei took over the glass and thanked her again.

When Li Meihua gave her a toast, Mo Feifei lifted the glass and took a sip but didn’t drink it. She then found an excuse to leave.

She had noticed Li Meihua’s enmity towards her. So, how could she drink something that Li Meihua gave her?