His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1140 - Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (10)

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Chapter 1140: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (10)

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However, if they were to interact further, the consequences would not be the same. After all, Shang Mo was an intelligent person and had sharp observational skills.

Mo Feifei was not willing to converse with him any further, and so she tried to find an excuse to leave. At that exact moment, the hall’s lights went dark and the lights were all focused at the round stage in front.

The award ceremony was starting.

The audience’s eyes were fixed on the stage and they saw a woman dressed in a gown. She had a microphone in her hand. She smiled and said, “Good evening, everyone. I am the party’s host for tonight, Li Meihua.

First, I welcome everyone who took time off their busy schedules to attend our banquet. Next, I am announcing that the banquet has officially begun.”

The audience applauded and congratulated before the president gave his speech.

The president went on stage and said his piece. He announced the third and second place and finally proceeded to announce the first place. “This fashion designer incorporated and showed great individuality in her work and had a unique style…”

Mo Feifei moved to the side on purpose to widen the distance between her and Shang Mo. She had her attention fixed on Shang Mo while her mind wandered elsewhere, and she paid little to no attention to the president’s words.

But she heard the last sentence. “Congratulations, Miss Mo Feifei.”

Mo Feifei smiled and trotted up to the stage. The president handed her the award and asked her a sincere question. “Miss Mo, would you be willing to work at our design institute?”

Mo Feifei immediately nodded her head. “Of course!”

They had already discussed it earlier. She thought the reason she was awarded first place was that she was willing to work for them. Luckily, the second and third place were all part of the design institute. If not, she would have suspected that there was cheating involved.

The president chuckled right after. “As the representative of our design institute, I shall welcome Mo Feifei’s inclusion. I hope we can make history together!”

Resounding applause was heard below the stage.

Mo Feifei was prepared to proceed down the stage when Li Meihua stopped her.

“To celebrate her winning as first place, Miss Mo said she would prepare a performance for everyone tonight,” she said.

Mo Feifei turned back and was apparently stunned. When did she say she wanted to perform?

However, Li meihua continued to smile at her and even led the applause. With a face full of expectation, she said, “I really want to know what performance Miss Mo would show us. Singing? Dancing? Oh, maybe it’s pole dancing? Haha… I’m joking… With the dress you are wearing, it’s not suitable for pole dancing…”

In response to Li Meihua’s humor, bursts of laughter rung below the stage.

However, Mo Feifei could tell that Li Meihua was mocking her and purposely making things difficult for her.

She scanned through the hall and saw a piano at one side. She smiled and walked over. She left the trophy on one side and sat down before lifting the piano lid.

Mo Feifei closed her eyes as her fingers moved on the piano.

In the few days that she was with grandma, she noticed how the latter had a piano. She played it a few times and soon, the familiar music score came to her naturally. Not once did she ever think that it would come in handy.

Her fingers danced lightly on the piano tiles and it produced a melodic sound. Jumping musical notes, beautiful yet cheerful melodies, and the flowy performance made one immerse themselves in the music.

Streaks of light fell on her face and her beautiful facial features became even more prominent as though green silk went past her rose-red lips. She looked beautiful and elegant, and she attracted everyone’s attention.